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    Post [ROM] Task650's AOKP (4.4.2) (5.13.2014)

    Oh YEAH!!! Things just got real up in here!!! Looking forward to flashing this ROM tonight!! Task is the man!!
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    Post [ROM][9/17] - CleanROM 6.0 -★| 4.3 | Fast | Smooth | Clean | For the AT&T Purist! |★-

    Thanks, I wasn't sure how they affected the system.
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    Post [ROM][9/17] - CleanROM 6.0 -★| 4.3 | Fast | Smooth | Clean | For the AT&T Purist! |★-

    Lovin it - Awesome ROM Just picked up the HTC One yesterday and the first thing I did was Unlock/Root then install CleanROM. I have 1 stupid question, maybe I am missing it, I tried search but couldn't find anything. Is there a "Kill all" feature for recent apps? Scott you are the BOMB!!!!
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    Thanks to OP Thanks for getting this out to everyone. I am enjoying the ROM a lot. Everything appears to work perfectly. I can only imagine now that this is out what the weekend is going to be like around here. Thank you very much!!!
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    Post [ROM] Task650 AOKP (4.4.4) (9.10.2014) (Unified)

    Thanks Task .... and dude, that Pimp my vibrator setting, well without risking getting banned and keeping it PG-13 ... Nice job as always!!!!
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    Lovin GoldenEye!!! Only 1 issue, my phone wants to join Keeping up with the Kardashians, is that normal - Just kidding!!!! Thank you very much for a solid ROM :)
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    Post [ROM][7/15/13] - CleanROM 1.5 -★| MF3 OTA! | Proven Performance and Stability! |★-

    Thanks!!! Been waiting for some CleanROM for this thing!!!!
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    Hmmm, weird. I'll wait and see what happens in 1.1 :)
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    Possible bug When I click on the menu button (soft button) to change the Lock Screen Wallpaper TouchWiz FC's. I can go in from the settings/Display/Wallpaer and it works fine. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but I thought I would bring it up. I've been running this since last...
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    Maybe he is working on a flatter design with black and white icons like iOS7 :laugh: I'm not doing anything but waiting, and I am not gonna get any sleep tonight. I don't know how you DEVs do it, but I am glad you do!!!
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    WOW!!! No messin around .... You the man!!!
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    APN setting I had a problem getting the APN setting to save. Maybe I was doing something wrong :(
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    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXUHOD7 LOLLiPOP TW◄|5.1.15|★

    Downloading now .... Thanks! Awesome work :)
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    Post [Q] Lockscreen Wake Up Freeze and Reboot

    alt keyboard? My phone was/is doing the same thing. It seems to me like the phone is working now and I haven't had it freeze up since last night. Every time I install Swiftkey it starts freezing up and I have to pull the battery to reboot.