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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OOS CAM][OnePlus 8T/9R][12.1.0_r11]Nameless AOSP[2022/07/23]

    Been getting this error, just flashed this rom yesterday. Anyone know how to fix?
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    Post [GUIDE] Convert TMO to EU via MSM Tool, no SIM Unlock or Bootloader Unlock needed!

    I keep getting super img to super failed. Any idea why? Edit: NVM switched to usb 3.0 and worked perfectly. Got TMO to EU and upgrading to OOS 12 right now thanks so much for the guide
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    Post [Q] notifcations won't vibrate, any fix?

    Well when reflashing I figured out it works fine on 5.0 but when I upgrade to 5.4 thats when it messes up :/ hmmm any suggestions?
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    Thread [Q] notifcations won't vibrate, any fix?

    I recently just flashed the embryo 5.4 rom and its a great but the only problem is I can't make the notifcations vibrate for anything. I've made sure the vibrate function is enabled everywhere ( under the settings, messaging app, etc) the intensity is all the way up and still nothing. I also...