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    Thread Xprivacy LUA dont hide?

    Hello! i have an RN8P with A9 rooted and installed Xprivacy lua for hide from a game and im selected all filter but even im play as guest and im uninstalled and installed again it show me the same account? why? whats im wrong???
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    Post Redmi N8P bootloop suggestions?

    U did like in this screenshot? (the red line i hided my phone ID) The first command u need to do while your phone is opened the second command u need to do while u are in fastboot and the thirt too after this u need to reboot your phone to recovery mode!
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    Thread Its possible to ROOT "second space" on RN8P?

    Hello guys! I have rooted my RN8P with A9 and i was wondering if is possible to root "second space" too or the root still already there because i already rooted my phone?
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    Post Redmi N8P bootloop suggestions?

    Witch TWRP version did u installed? Because there is 2 for A9 (3.3.1-1104) and another for A10 (3.3.1-1210) If u installed wrong TWRP your phone will bootloop. I give a guide that i used to ROOT my phone: If u need any help just ask im rooted my phone multiple time...
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    Post MI Unlock Tool Problem

    Well nvm im tryed to download old version of MI Unlock and he unlocked me without waiting 168 hr! this is the version: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v4.5.813.51
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    Thread MI Unlock Tool Problem

    Hello guys! I ROOTED and unlocked many time my RN8P (already waited 168 in the past) and now after couple month im decided to do a fresh install BUT when im downloaded "miflash_unlock-en-" for unlock my phone he telled me again to wait 168 hr....why? This is the first time he ask me to...
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    Post [Fix]Magisk manager 20.3 ctsProfile : False (Gpay and banking apps )

    i have magisk 20.4 installed and it ask me to upgrade to last stable that is 21.4.....i can upgrade? because i remember some month ago if u upgrade your phone go to bootloop....also why safety net fail after 12 jan?
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    Post [Fix]Magisk manager 20.3 ctsProfile : False (Gpay and banking apps )

    After i read your post im checked my phone and yes me too like u got attestation failed...>.<
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    Thread After i changed magisk name the icon disappeared?

    I have A9 EEA rooted and after i changed the magisk name to "manager" like u can see from the screenshot from his config the icon that normal? Because i have an S7 EDGE rooted with OREO and changed also the name ma the magisk icon still there...why??? EDIT: im forgot to say...
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    Post Rooting stock rom latest version

    CTS profile passed? im wondering to update my A9 to A10...let me know pls did u tryed to change fingerprint?
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    Post [Fix]Magisk manager 20.3 ctsProfile : False (Gpay and banking apps )

    sry my english is not very good... Like u can see my phone is rooted BUT my bootloader is locked! i need to leave locked??? also to fix CTS profile i need to "Force BASIC key attestation" with a trusted fingerprint??? sry could u explain better what i need to do pls?
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    Post [Fix]Magisk manager 20.3 ctsProfile : False (Gpay and banking apps )

    I have RN8P EEA A9 and yes i have "evalType=HARDWARE" so if i "Force BASIC key attestation" it will fix it? also after ROOT my bootloader is locked again.
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    Post [Fix]Magisk manager 20.3 ctsProfile : False (Gpay and banking apps )

    tryed to change fingeprint with redmi note 8 pro A9 and A10 but my CTS keep give me false....what to do?