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    Post Dark Mode does not turn on automatically, Why?

    Wow! Weird after setting it to manual it started changing correctly. Quiet different logic behind that Manual setting. Automatic setting doesn't actually grey out when Manual setting turned on.
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    Thread Dark Mode does not turn on automatically, Why?

    I have set the Dark mode in OP8Pro to turn on automatically according to custom time range (6PM to 6AM), Unfortunately it does not do the work it suppose to. I only able to turn it on manually. Is this a firmware issue?
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    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    I'm hoping to jump ship from open beta cm to this rom. I just want to know whether I'm suppose to go back to Oreo or can I flash staying in this Pie firmware?
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    Post Android P Official coming to the OP3/T (Status - Community Beta)

    Latest update (26/03/2019) from Oneplus community manager - Source -
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    Post New LCD TOUCH for oneplus 3t

    It's Corning Gorilla Glass 4 actually, I dropped it couple of time but in every time it hits the edge of the sides so it got saved.
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    Post Vulkan 1.1.66 for oneplus 3/3t

    Does their driver 511.1023.4095 android version suggest the google android version? because then that driver is meant to android 8.1? Confused here?
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    Post Latest One Plus Camera 2.4.17 App Works Great on 3t

    Bugs - (OREO B2) 1. In landscape whole selection menu doesn't show up. 2. In low light front camera HDR get stuck.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] OxygenOS Open Beta 19 for OnePlus 3T (Android O)

    Lets begin Guinea Pigs job (OP3/T Beta Testers Job), For future upcoming OP phones.
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    Post [Equalizer] [AudioFx] [8.0] [NO ROOT] working on with Bluetooh headphones

    Works great! , cooler than Stock lame Audio Tuner .
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    Post Is APT-X Working or Not?

    Yep there is noticeable difference! (Changed from Open Beta 8 to 4.1.5)
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    Post [APP][5.0+]Auracle Music Player: Taking control of your music playback experience

    Wow ! Beautiful and unique! :good::good:
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    IMAK for OnePlus 3/3T -...
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    Post [UPDATE] [4.0.3] New OTA

    Still here in South East Asia the OTA doesn't show up, if I'm going to flash it manually which zip should I flash (Full or OTA)?