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    Post [REF][GPE] HTC One Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs

    Hi there, I am on stock rooted 4.4 / S-OFF. I was notified about the 4.4.2 update two times but the update failed each time (just "update failed" on the screen). So I wanted to sideload it but the sideload option is missing in my bootloader (see attached picture). Any ideas why? I also tried to...
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    Post [HOWTO] Chromecast/Netflix outside USA without VPN

    I managed it to tell the DNS-Server in my router to answer DNS-Requests to with the IP of my Raspberry PI. On the raspberry there is a transparent HTTP/HTTPS-Proxy which forwards the traffic via an openvpn tunnnel to the usa. (Tutorial from...
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    Thread Red exclamation mark when going to recovery

    Hi there, I recently flashed KitKat to my one used the pre-rooted RUU. (I am S-OFF with SuperCID) After that I tried to get into recovery, just to see if its working. But when I click on RECOVERY with the power button after some seconds a red exclamation mark shows up (see attachment). So I...
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    Post [Bounty] HTC ONE S-OFF 1.54 Pledge Thread

    Ok, maybe I asked my question the wrong way. Let my try it this way (i googled, please correct me if i'm wrong): - if i want to get root htcdev-unlock is engouth. but htcdev eventually causes some trouble with warranty - if i want to flash another RUU or Google Edition i need to change CID which...
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    Post [Bounty] HTC ONE S-OFF 1.54 Pledge Thread

    why do i need to be htcdev-unlocked? i thought all this s-off stuff is about getting root etc. without beeing htcdev-unlocked?
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    If people would never try something just because someone says they're about to fail we would never had made it through the stone age... ;)
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    Post How many people have moved on?

    My Glide-Battery is defect, it lasts 3-4 Hours on good days. Also it's a long time ago that i really used the hardware keyboard. So i moved on to the htc one as well :)
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    Post Bricked after official update

    maybe anyone could reupload you a version of this oneclick update - the link in the thread seems to be down
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    Post [DEV][ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial] CM10.1 - 2/17/2013

    what is about photoshphere in this build? I can remember it was somewhen on the issues list. But now its neither on the issues side nor on the working side
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    Post [DEV][ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial] CM10.1 - 2/17/2013

    Does your CM10.1 version include a version of Dman's kernel or a version of your lite kernel?
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    Post [DEV][ROM][4.2.2][Unofficial] Vanilla RootBox - 2/23/2013

    Is the play store issue fixed? I currently installed the newest build of this rom ( I did a clean install (wiped data, system, caches) But the play store won't let me install about 15 of my apps including: Facebook, Chrome, GPS Status, Dropbox :crying...
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    Post [DEV][ROM] CM 10.1 [4.2.1] Beta-3 for I927 Update 1-11-13

    so you have script which fixes this? could you provide it?
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    Thread Camera rotation problem (CM10.1)

    Hi there, as you know the pictures taken with stock camera on 10.1 are rotated by 90 degrees. So I decided to play around with some config files. I found /etc/nvcamera.conf where one parameter is for orientation. Default for back-cam is 90 After the first modification not the taken picture...
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    Post [MOD] AOSP Patches

    Should this also fix the SYM key? Would you expect this to work on CM 10.1 - seems like it don't
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    Post [q] connecting accounts in cm10/cm10.1

    I googled this some time ago too. If I remember rightly, this is caused by the fb-app which does not support syncing in JB. But you could take a look at the LiquidSmooth rom: Not tried on my own yet