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    Post [UNBRICK/RAW] Revive your bricked ASUS ROG Phone 3 [22-APR-2021]

    Will flashing the RAW Firmware lock the bootloader?
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    Which version of the rom are you using?
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    Post [Android 4.1+] HeadUnit Reloaded for Android Auto with Wifi

    I am having a weird issue, Android auto through usb runs fine but when ever I press the car horn the headunit reloaded app restarts and the Android auto reconnects every time.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    The 190 build works fine, but it's breaks the phone's auto brightness
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    Post [ROM][9-Pie][OTA] Havoc-OS v2.4 Mod/uofficial [20190413]

    AnkitGourav latest download link not working Edit: working now
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0][Tissot] LineageOS 15.1[Weeklies]

    abhishek987 does this build have fm radio support
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    Post ROOT MI A1 (OREO 8.0-8.1) without disabling ota with magisk

    nope i never installed night light module, your crystal ball reading is wrong.
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    Post ROOT MI A1 (OREO 8.0-8.1) without disabling ota with magisk

    Not able to boot patched_boot.img jashancheema i am not able to boot into patched_boot, i am on latest jan update, it goes into boot loop when i do fastboot boot patched_boot.img
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    Post [Updated][v1.3][APP][Magisk]Camera Watermark Editor

    Please find the attached pic,I tried it by reinstalling.but not working
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    Post Ruined my modem partition... Please help

    if it is under warranty just brick your phone and give it to service centre they will flash it and give you back
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    Post [Updated][v1.3][APP][Magisk]Camera Watermark Editor

    Can you share me the source so I can work on my rooted device
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    Post [Updated][v1.3][APP][Magisk]Camera Watermark Editor

    Shripal17 not working on Oreo, installed the zip using magic 15.2 n still the app asks for the module installation
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    Post Oreo - VoLTE - Enhanced 4G LTE Mode gone

    its enabled by default ,i got HD icon on status bar for airtel 4G