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  1. ronnay ryukay

    Post [EXPERIMENTAL] Full ADB Root, System RW, and DM-VERITY Off for ALL G5's!!!

    Has anyone successfully rooted the F700L? and modify it to H830 or H850 perfectly, so that F700L can use Custom ROM?
  2. ronnay ryukay

    Post [10] LineageOS 17.1 for z3

    Download new update :)
  3. ronnay ryukay

    Thread [Repair] LG G5 Stuck in Fastboot with Bootloader Locked, Hard Brick, and Other

    NOTE: This method must have special expertise for hardware, if you don't understand this, don't do it, because it will cause your device to be totally damaged !!! For those who have problems stuck in fastboot with locked bootloader, or hard bricked due to software update errors, such as...
  4. ronnay ryukay

    Post [SOLVED] LG G5 Stuck in Fastboot With Bootloader Locked

    This method not work for locked bootloader.... I need rawprogram.xmp, patch.xml for flashing with QPST..
  5. ronnay ryukay

    Post [GUIDE] Unlock your LG V40 via 9008 mode (Every Variant except T-Mobile)

    May I ask, how do I enter EDL Mode for the LG G5? I can't try this method at all, I'm already confused because it's stuck on fastboot
  6. ronnay ryukay

    Post LG G5 stuck at 'fastboot mode for bootloader unlock h850

    I have same problem, any someone can help me???
  7. ronnay ryukay

    Post LG G5 partition scheme

    any have file PrimaryGPT.bin G5 correctly for QPST ?
  8. ronnay ryukay

    Thread [SOLVED] LG G5 Stuck in Fastboot With Bootloader Locked

    moved to here
  9. ronnay ryukay

    Thread Give Life To Our LG G5 (F700L,K,S)

    I'm working on an LG G5 F700L and modifying it to H850, and it was successfully done by changing the partition on UFS without changing bottom module, and secondly by replacing the bottom module with the H850, this was done to test if there was any behavior change in the bootloader, so that the...
  10. ronnay ryukay

    Post LG G5 F700 & h850 differences

    can I flash the G5 H850 firmware on the F700L by replacing the bottom module too?
  11. ronnay ryukay

    Post Calling up all f700s/l/k or other lg non-rootable g5 users for root

    I want to try this trick, and im hope fully for lg g5 f700x to can unlock bootloader and root...