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    Post S8+ root?

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    Thread oreo update

    just downloaded oem oreo update
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    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    snapdragon? is this for Snapdragon?
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    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    failed I am running 955USQU2CRB6 , and this wont flash,. I get error 7....
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    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    failed are you sure this is for the 8+? It would not work for me?
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    Post Anyone think the headphones are crap?

    crap... I bought some decent ones off ebay.. Klipsch X11 Noise Isolation Audiophile In-Ear Headphones for under $80...
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S8+ (Exynos)

    Korean download ? International ?post #1
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    Post Can't resize widgets?

    try Nova launcher,,, works with that
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    Post Stuck in "Recovery Booting..." loop after flashing jk's Hybrid TMO rom

    Try holding down power, BOTH volume and and down and the home key. all at the same time.. dont release any buttons... just wait about 8-10 seconds... that brings up a different boot option screen. (reboot normal, safe boot. wipe ... I was under the impression I could flash the Hybrid mode...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] ROOT Method For Nougat

    lag when rooted I tried this method 3-4 times,, terrible lag,,, now we have the Nougat straight from Verizon and I rooted it also with this method, not worth the lag, its a start, but some one needs to dig deep into making a rooted rom that adjusts the lag..
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] ROOT Method For Nougat

    I also lost data,and root was only temporary. Flashed this 3 times.
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    Post Galaxy Beta

    VR doesnt work per the FIRST post.. look at the very bottom