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    Post no signs of life (no charging led, nothing on screen) after OTA update

    I'm sorry but I no longer have the device, or the image needed
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    Post Best Chance of Long Term Support - Sprint Network

    You can use jfltexx rooms most of the time, you can get the stable stuff from jdcteam
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    Post Bruteforce Verizon Moto Z2 Force

    Find an exploit. Try fastboot oem unlock nowait This worked for the Moto 360 on Marshmallow, it MIGHT work. To find an exploit would be quicker than brute forcing.
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    Post Custom Roms and Moto Mods: do they work together?

    There aren't any custom roms for the z2 force out yet, however mods do work with custom roms on the other devices of the z series. I suggest you look at the Moto z and see what they say about mods, since it's older.
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    Post [ROOT] Motokey Working on 8.0

    Does/could anyone want to make a magisk mod for this?
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    Thread [Humor] You know you're rooted when...

    This is a funny thread based off of a few other threads that I've found, and basically complete the sentence "You know you're rooted when" in the funniest manner possible. My (first) contributions: You know you're rooted when a factory reset might be the solution to you girlfriend not...
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    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT][TWRP 3.2.1-1][Magisk v14] Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 SM-T280/SM-T285

    Yesterday I flashed the latest TWRP onto my T280 and then flashed Magisk 16.0 and it works. It seems like we no longer need to use the special pre-rooted boot images on the T280. P.S. I know I need to charge it, you don't need to tell me.
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    Post Verizon 8.0 is rolling out.

    Uzephi, Motorola has to cater to the lowest common denominator. which in this case is a person with almost no technical skills that simply want's their device to work without any hassle. Also you have to take into account how much much effort it would take to make the changes, distribute them...
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    Post Verizon 8.0 is rolling out.

    7The Z2's will not get treble, because in order to have treble support, the device MUST have a DEDICATED /vendor partition. While we have an oem partition, we don't have a vendor partition. To re partition a single device, even with a knowledgeable user, is VERY RISKY, with HARD BRICK's being...
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    Post Mute mod attachment sound?

    I'm fine with that. Just in case you missed it, the sound goes through the same audio stream as the phone's ringtone does. It does not go through notifications or media. Is it possible to block it from accesssing that stream. Disabling phone permissions doesn't do it.
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    Post [ALL][Kernel][8.1][AOSP] Pantheon Kernel [Stale]

    Could it be signal issues? Was your speaker was to far away? Any funky walls? Whenever my brothers would snag my speaker while I was using it, the audio would start skipping from the distance/interference. Now I just use the newer speaker mod. (Eat that you Pill!)
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    Post Mute mod attachment sound?

    The sound is in the ModService Apk, which will turn into a big ugly mess if I edit. Why - we get updates for it via play store, and it's a system app. The sound id outputted via ringer. why you're ringer is off, but media is on (and playing) you can attach the speaker and have it switch...
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    Thread Mute mod attachment sound?

    Does anyone know how to mute the mod attachment sound? I haven't seen anything in settings, nor do I know a way to mute an app.
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    Post note 4 qf1

    If you can edit apn's, then you can do it without root. To do this, 1. Go into settings 2. Go to More Networks, (under connections) 3. Go to Mobile Networks 4. Go to apn's 5. find the apn that is checked, and go into it 6. tap the three dots and select Edit (you may need your MSL for this, you...
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    Post EFIDroid for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge (Snapdragon Variants)

    I've been trying to get this to work on my phone and when i use the offical app, it says there isn't an update, and when i use the unofficial app, it says " Error Can't load device info. Please check your connection. /data/user/0/org.efidroid.efidroidmanager.debug/files/devices.json: open...