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  • hi would you advice me how to sort out the bottom bar button issue with htc phone canvas 4 walien (i'm using eten x500, 320x240 resolution). also call history with the top having a gap. my rom's 23518. cheers and tks a xxx
    Bhai, Please do something about This
    We guys really need a landscape :)
    I Know your very busy with padhai.
    Please do something if anything can be done.
    Thanks you.
    Waiting for CAB2 :)
    I hope things are great with you Rota, hope you be back soon with a new rom, cause i miss a stable and fun rom.

    Best regards
    Bhai Raphael Landscape pe kya update hai ?
    When can we expect a release :) :)
    Really eager !
    but take ur time.
    studies first.
    No promblem bhai take ur time.
    We can wait.
    Cheers keep up the good work.

    When can we expect a release ?
    No pressure take your time.
    rota im helping out some of the guys on ppcgeeks and i would like to post direct links of your xperia mods so they can use them on there tp running sense 2.5. im asking for your permission first, out of respect. is it ok?
    Can you please help me - i see that you have done some amazing work on developing software for touchflo 3d use on xperia x1. I downloaded the version available in November, but recently had to do a factory reset of my phone. I am lost trying to ascertain what is the latest version of 2.5 or 2.6 availalbe which look really good and your extras make it even more worthwhile to have... can you advise me on what to do to get this? I understand that no .cab file is currently available, so can you show me where i can get this done through new ROM etc... your help is really appreciated and if you would like a donation for your efforts,please advise me what is expected. Many thanks, Alex. - you can also email me at [email protected]
    i test your release and she is so great.
    Nice job ;)
    I have not encountered any problem.
    But I can't handle the themes. *. tsk
    when i change theme and return to the older, i don't retrieve the bottom buttons.
    Hey, you posted a comment in the "fun apps topic" about " .search for vito ppc .rar in google..
    pay them its good for the thing they offer!"

    I downloaded the file but i dont get what to do with it, what do i do? And what is it?

    Thanks :)
    hi rota...how can i get the packages for MANILA 2.1.19193517.0? i've been searching but still no luck...
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