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Recent content by Rouf Al Mahbangy

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    Thread [APP][MOD][THEME] Skin Opera Mini One Piece

    Hello guys, I wanna share skin of Opera Mini Android :) operamini7.5.4h ui android luffy of onepiece skin revise version. ScreenSHot skin data download link: for 480x800 DOWLOAD *************** *************** for 320x480 DOWNLOAD *************** ************** for240x320 DOWNLOAD...
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    Post [APP][MOD] Opera Mini Mod Change Background

    oh.. maybe you can add bg by yourself in your unmodded opera :)
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    Post [APP][MOD] Opera Mini Mod Change Background

    you can compare in my opera mod.. :good:
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    Post Lewa 5 - Custom Rom For Alcatel 918 (2.3.6) - 9-2-2014

    is this for GB. may i port this rom??
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    Post **{SHARE}Some Ported ARMv7 to Armv6 Games**

    how to do it sir? how to port ics bbm to gingerbread? ---------- Post added at 08:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:35 PM ---------- how to port sir? may you share your guide
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    Thread [APP][MOD] Opera Mini Mod Change Background

    hi bro, i wanna share my mod of opera mini again, this is based on Opera Mini Next 7 #Features - animation of venom - can change the background of opera mini according to the percent battery of your phone - can change the background when charging your phone - toggle music Screenshot...
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    Post [Thread] Opera Mini Cyanogen 7.6.1

    oke, i get it
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    Post [Thread] Opera Mini Cyanogen 7.6.1

    i dont have Opera EN sir, :D
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    Post [APP][SHARE][MOD] Opera Mini with Background Theme

    i have many tutorial to mod like that, you can join to my group sir, https://m.facebook.com/groups/1525386951014933?refid=18&__tn__=C :D :good:
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    Post [Thread] Opera Mini Cyanogen 7.6.1

    there is English Language in that Opera
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    Post [APP][MOD] Opera Mini Cyanogen 7.6.1

    haha. you are from indonesia also bro :D :good:
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    Post [APP][MOD] Opera Mini Cyanogen 7.6.1

    haha , :D same with me sir, you are from Surabaya city? :P :good:
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    Thread [APP][MOD] Opera Mini Cyanogen 7.6.1

    yosh. now i wanna share my Opera Mini Mod #Features, - cyanogen splash - cyanogen background theme - data trafick - double animation (fish and lamps) Screenshot Link Download HERE credits and thanks - Ahmad Roup - Yudistira Bootlove @fb - Sukron Bootlover's @fb - All Members and...
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    Thread [Q] How to get animation of PlatLogo Jellybean ?

    i saw a platlogo of jellybean its awesome, i want to get it.. how to get it? thank you so much if you answer my question :)