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Recent content by rs3754

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    Post [ROM][8.1.0]Android Open Source Illusion Project[OP2][OFFICIAL]

    Is this high consumption normal?
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    Post MTCD - Verified Cross compatible MCUs

    Hello, I have a problem and it is that the volume button does not work and when I put a mcu of the thread if everything goes but I get some red letters, the steering wheel controls have never worked well but I guess it is the car
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    Thread Red error hizpo

    hello everyone, I have a problem with my android radio 7.1.2, the documents put model jby-6201, everything started when the volume button stopped working only function mute, I changed the MCU and since then I get the Red letters, someone who can help me? another thing, the steering wheel...
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Xposed for Lollipop

    module is alrready installed, but no work! don´t reboot to install
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Xposed for Lollipop

    and install through recovery and I could not get it to work in s4 I see no way to make it work! I have tried several kernel, roms and ways of installation ... and does not work
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Xposed for Lollipop

    xposed 5.0 9505 S4 Good morning, I have a problem with lollipop Xposed I've seen out there happens to more people. I explain: After seeing the news that he was Xposed for lollipop, then install the rom google edition there by the forum here, I was saying what it says on the catch. I put the...