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  • I having issues with my htc hd2. After it idles the screen wont turn on only the hard buttons light on, sometime it freezes and when i reboot the screen flickers when it is a the tmobile sticker. I have to soft reset alot only to use it for about 30min before i does one of the three issues.
    is there any phone that supports usbhost, instead of paying data plan, do you think a wireless usb would work on a phone and use internet through thtat
    hello. would you happen to know if HTC tmobile mytouch 1.2 (fender LE) can be flashed to AT&T/rogers 3G frequency?
    it has 32a motherboard just like HTC magic for ROGERS cananda
    i know its different there potential situation to brick the phone if i try to flash ROGERS radio?
    sorry im boring you, but i need the permissions to post a quick reply because i have a problem with a EnergyRom!!

    can you help me?

    Hi there i have a LG LS20 i like to install a new rom on it but don't know how to do it. Is there a post or somthing showing how its done please ?
    Hey sorry dude i see you get asked a lot so i keep it short... can you add some more prociders for norway (in the profile info thingy) like chess, lebara, tele2 and so on i don t want to pick one that i actually don t use ... or can t you guys just enter a possibility to let the users add them then it would be less work for you guys.... ... mvh Mario
    hey rudegar, jeg tænkte på om du har noget arfaring med android (mere specifikt htc magic) og om du har tid til at hjælpe en fortvivlet person med en semi bricked telefon
    Have a q for you. is it possible to change scrollbar from right to left side of the screen? im left handed and sometimes difficult to use.
    Hi, sorry to bother you but as i'm new here i didn't know to who i could ask help other than the one with more posts (you!).
    I have an Touch HD and i wanted to update the ROM (mine was 1.14. something) i followed hundreds of threads in order to understand something and do the right things...but still...something went wrong. Beside the colours of the screen (minor problem right now) my device lost its radio capability, it doesn't recognize the simcard (all updates i've done removing sim and micro SD) My last rom update was 1.56 but the phone "freeze" continously, i have to reset all the time. It works for few minutes and than nothing work. Between this problem the most annoying and complicate for me is that when i connect the device through the usb cable in order to restore the original package the sync process is not lasts few seconds and than disconnect itself so i cannot start the HSPL. Help please...any idea?
    Hey i don't know if you are the one to talk to but i have a dedicated server and noticed that you guys needed more resources. i have tons of space and bandwidth. its a professional server. I operate a few opensource projects and thought you guys might like some help with hosting. let me know. [email protected] or
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    Price=Permanent Customer".Please feel free
    to contact me,I will give you the best
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    hi Rudegar ..seeking your help.can you post me any gprs speed hack(either reg or server hack).use phone-nokia 3230 via usb to pc
    hi mate
    please help
    i'm new in this forum and i'm looking anything about samsung omnia i900..
    Hi Rude, saw your response to ravide's data acquisition software and it was cool (u're a pda guru, i think!!! :)) Please can you explain to me how to develop a data acquisition software, how to make it to communicate and receive the signals, the technologies involved, and how to make the PDA to store the data. Rude, i'll really aprreciate your help on this. Book references will also be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED too. Bye
    i would prob do something along the lines of
    after initializecomponents();
    in the constructor
    and then implement the code in the newly created on_sizechange function
    to match the column sizes to the new size of the datagrid
    huh? how i have check on the properties but cannot get it any programming way to do that?can u show me how?
    Dear Rudegar,

    How do you do Rudegar. i haveing problem on adjusting datagridview column size to auto fit with the datagrid in visual studio 2008 smart device c#....

    any idea for how to adjust the disply column size to auto fit with datagridview?

    million thx.

    hi sir Rudegar
    im really sorry for myself giving you this message... but i can't find the answer from the link that you posted regarding internet connection from my 02 XDAII to laptop. Can you please sir give me some more help regarding my problem? hoping for your kind responce. tia
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