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    Post Anyone know anything about Blink Light?

    The new Pixel 3 doesn't have the notification LED present from what I read. meaning the hardware is not there. ---------- Post added at 10:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:28 AM ---------- See the link...
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    Post Just received Pixel 3 and had to return it!

    Oh, yeah...just noticed that! I was so focused on the scratches and SIM tray that I didn't even bother too look for other issues. Good call! Guess QA missed this one SMH!
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    Thread Just received Pixel 3 and had to return it!

    I was excited to receive my pixel 3 Just white 128 GB yesterday 10/18! Upon opening the device and holding it in my hand, I felt the lower SIM card tray was not fully seated into the slot. I removed it and re-inserted the tray. It seems there is an issue with this device and the sim tray not...
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    Thread Android pie 9 ota from google today :)

    Google just updated my software to Pie android version 9. And just when I was about to manually run the OTA. This is a cleaner install. Still playing with the settings and getting used to some of the new features. Just wanted to give a heads up to those of you who were thinking of upgrading and...
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    Post Post your homescreen!

    Porsche Design Galaxy S8! :laugh:
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    Post Post your homescreen!

    Porsche Design S8 :) :D
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    Post Good TPU Gel (Grippy) Cases???

    I agree! I just received my Nillkin Nature case (clear) and it's the best! :good:
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    Post Magnetic vent mount

    You are correct. It only outputs 1A of power. I have not been able to find a vent/magnet mount Qi quick charger on the market yet. I was thinking of building my own as you can source prebuilt units that can output 1.3-1.5Amps, but have to use a 9v adapter. Will still look around. :fingers-crossed:
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    Post Problem with Armorsuit Case Friendly Screen Protector (S8)

    I bought an Armour Suit screen protector of Ebay and had no issues installing it. It fits great and the edges are not lifting. When installing, the edges did lift slightly, but I ended up using a hair dryer to let the edges stick. After applying the spray solution, when the skin adhesive drys a...
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    Post Magnetic vent mount

    I just got the Nillkin quick charge vent mount and it works great. There are two thin metal strips that adhere to the back of the phone and don't need to block the charge area. This is by far the best magnetic vent mount I have used so far. And if you don't mind the thin'ist TPU case this works...
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    Post S8 Ultra-thin case? (Peel-like case)

    The Nillkin brand of cases out of china are good quality. I've owned a few version of their cases for different models of phone. If you want the slimist case that is TPU and gives some slight shock protection over not having a case, the NATURE line is awesome. I just ordered my clear S8 case...
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    Post Are there any heavy duty cases with a built-in screen protector?

    Lifeproof has their case and it's waterproof, but expensive @ $80! Also, you can look at the Love Mei cases and can buy them from ebay or amazon. :good:
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    Post New Verizon update - G950USQU1AQD9

    Verizon Galaxy S8 software update pushing through 4/21 Verizon S8 software update from NRD90M.G950USQU1AQC8 to NRD90M.G950USQU1AQD9 Changes: - Apps optimized for infinity display - Answer calls without touching screen - use volume up key - Camera App Icon has new look - Notification badges are...
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    Post 3D GLASS Curved screen for Samsung Galaxy S8

    The problem with the 3D curved tempered glass is that the adhesive they use is not like the flat glass versions. Not sure why no one can do this. If you look at all full coverage glass (had one for the LG V20, same issue) the adhesive is only on the outer most edges. Since the adhesive is like...