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  • hey on ur diamond theme weather app. how do i add the fonts to windows/fonts? i cannot find this folder. please help!
    HI there Rumball, I need the static icon set (non-animated) for weatherPanel. plz upload on rapidshare as all other links r dead. Thanx!! Amazing Job!!
    Thank you very much !

    2 screenshots ;)


    second one was with old swf HTC anim (very dirty), it will be really nice with your files ;)
    Hello Runball,
    I'd like to use your animations in a new android weather widget.
    I agree to donate ... are you agree for this ?
    contact me at koxx3 @at free .dot fr
    sorry to derange you and sorry for ly english (i'm french) but i asked you a request, i had a windows mobile phone and i loved fallout but i don't find the pipboy theme if you had it can you discreetly send it to my email adress ([email protected])
    you are my last chance for find this theme i seek mayby 3-4 days this please send my a answer thank you and good day.
    I just got a hold of your pipboy theme this week, and despite the new throttle launcher having some issues with it... WOW.

    Just WOW.

    I have seen some cool stuff in my time, but that, dude, is the $hit.
    Hello, I'm in need of help with my Kaiser. If you could please, I have successfully unlocked my phone, used Kaiser tweaks and now I'm trying to use themes I have downloaded. However, can't seem to open them off my storage card. When I click on one it brings me right to the Today selection page with all the factory themes.

    Another install I have attemped is the 2d touch screen. It gets stuck at 79K and I have to close it...

    I'm intested in your weather option as well.
    If you could help me out I'll click your donate link. It's worth it. Thanks Chris
    Hi, I'm looking for your animated weather icon set, I'm a senior member and more over I've not a paypal account yet.
    Could you please tell me the link where download them?

    Thank you in advance.

    PS: I've now some issues with my email, if you want you can simply PM me...
    Could you message me the link for the animated iconset. please?
    If youve got the patience to check your paypal in a few. you notice a new deposit as well... Thanks!
    Heya, I see senior members get the icons free, instead of paying for them.

    i am fairly new to this site but can you tell me how to post a pymt to you and will you provide instructions how to install the animated icons
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