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  • I think helixlauncher 2 is great! This is how the default home screen should be.

    The transition from portrait to landscape could be smoother, but I am sure you will continue to tweak the program. I don't think it needs a lot of extra options like grid sizes, just seems like it would just add complexity and cause problems with compatibility, and it might bloat the program's size and slow it down. Though I could be wrong about that. I just wish this was standard in all Android builds, even stock ROMs.

    I have a tip that might help increase performance. If I delete all the widgets and icons from the home screens of the stock launcher then set Helixlauncher 2 as the default, it seems to operate much smoother and without lag. I am assuming that the default launcher always runs in the background consuming resources, it would be great if the default launcher could be disabled from running, though I doubt that will be an option for anyone using stock software.

    Keep up the great work!
    I love the helixlauncher app! thanks a bunch. Planning on donating and hopefully getting into some of your beta's :p One problem though. I am a dumbass and, whilst drunkenly showing off how awesome helixlauncher was, I changed my number of homescreens down without heeding the warning. I m now stuck in a force close cycle. Is there a fix to this, or do i just need to uninstall/reinstall? I would love to keep my homescreen setup as it was if possible. Thanks again, and looking forward to the updates :p
    hey man, just wondering if you can add a feature or two to helixlauncher. it would be awesome to have the ability to remove or hide apps from the apptray, and possibly have different grid settings (4x4, 4x5, 5x5, etc), and maybe even be able to choose whether we want the apptray to be fullscreen or have the tab at the top of it. other than that, it's a great app. thanks so much for your work so far!!
    ah, yes, and i donated because i really appreciate your efforts on the launcher! there are some features that are really needed.
    Thanks for your efforts!
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