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Recent content by Rush

  1. Rush

    Post [Unofficial] Lineage 18.1 for Xperia X Performance [Treble]

    Wasn't this build supposed to be Enforcing?
  2. Rush

    Post Searching for GSI build of TWRP or Orangefox

    hmmm, that makes sense yeah, I guess we need to have that be more generic before something like this can exist then
  3. Rush

    Post Searching for GSI build of TWRP or Orangefox

    "Recovery image needs device specific kernel." are you sure about that after all GKI exist
  4. Rush

    Post OnePlus 5T- Broken Screen & Touch/ Data Recovery

    oh wow that looks like it's encrypted, and with no access to the display you won't be entering s decryption password anytime soon sorry but I don't know if we can do much here
  5. Rush

    Post Help me recover my OnePlus 5T

    man that seems like a hard brick tbh you must've ****ed up real bad for baseband to be missing
  6. Rush

    Post OnePlus 5T- Broken Screen & Touch/ Data Recovery

    quite simple actually, TWRP has ADB enabled by default, so just boot to that and run the following: adb pull /your/desired/directory/here usually you'd want /sdcard for your entire internal storage, and /data/data/ for any app data
  7. Rush

    Post xt1805/g5s plus - fingerprint missing (LineageOS 18.1)

    wrong forum, the G5s+ has its own forum, please use that instead
  8. Rush

    Post [ROM][11.0][4.9][AOSP][SUZU] Explosive Lobster

    GSI stands for Generic System Image It entirely replaces your /System partition
  9. Rush

    Post [Official] [OnePlus 5T] [11] NezukoOS 1.0

    nice to see something new, let's see if I'll like this or not 👀
  10. Rush

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][montana][11] LineageOS 18.1

    no, but google.com can please refrain from using caps lock as to respect other members
  11. Rush

    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    I also think it needs an amoled Mode 👀
  12. Rush

    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    The new App, sorta seems rushed, a Lot of small annoyances And that even tho i Loved new Design :(
  13. Rush

    Post [ROM] [9.0] Havoc-OS v2.9 [OFFICIAL] [2019-11-05]

    Try new Havoc from t.me/Montanalab
  14. Rush

    Thread [Discussion] Gsi on the Moto G5s

    This thread is for discussion on Gsi, how to install them, how usable they are, and other misc stuff for the G5s! Learn more about Gsi in the FAQ Learn how to install and use Gsi, as well as all other info, on the G5s wiki page here Happy flashing! if you need some personal help on Gsi...
  15. Rush

    Post [Android 9] [Gsi-Port] MIUI 11 from The PocoPhone F1

    Just Standard MIUI, nothing Special, this is outdated anyways