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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Can anyone provide me with the stock Pie vendor.img file please? I flashed the enable all cores files but the watch temps are too high most of the time (> 100C) so I need to revert! I have the stock boot.img, but not vendor.img... - After initial settle down its OK now..... janjan if you...
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Hi janjan, is there any way to host somewhere else than MEGA please - it is the biggest POS on the planet.................................. download gets to around 80% and then sits in a stupid retry loop..... grrrrrrrr! and installing Megasync malware I 'ain't doing!
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    Post [MAX KERNEL][W150][NWS2.170620.003][ROOTED]

    The watch just feels waaaaaay more responsive in my view - I was looking to replace mine as it was so sluggish, but MAX KERNEL has really pepped up the performance... great work sooti, thank you! Anyone looking to flash this just do: adb devices (to check you can see your watch)...
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    Post [ROM][Stock] LG-H870 OPEN EU 20J ROM | 2019-08-08

    Strange, I've just dirty-flashed from 20g to 20h and Play Store is OK ...
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    Post [kernel] BEAST-KERNEL[9.0][10.0][H872][H870][US997] [aosp][MARCH-28th]

    Hi beany23, I'm seeing massive battery drain on idle - overnight last night the phone lost around 40% battery, when under mk2000 it would lose maybe 5% - only change has been flashing Beast v1.3 so it must be the kernel.... it looks like its in Deep Sleep according to CPU spy (11 hours out of...
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    Post [kernel] BEAST-KERNEL[9.0][10.0][H872][H870][US997] [aosp][MARCH-28th]

    Boots fine for me on G6 H870 - not sure if necessary but I always re-install Magisk after flashing a kernel - not failed me yet :)
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    Post [US997,H870,H872] mk2000 Kernel [STOCK]

    Did you flash Magisk after flashing the kernel and before you rebooted?
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][US997/H870][rel_o2/rel_t2][2018-06-08] Melina TWRP v3.2.1

    Foolishly I upgraded from an earlier version to t2 as I was having problems with Oreo as described (I was using recovery_TWRP_H870-3.2.1-0_melina_exFAT_timefix_sdext_purple_v2.img) - before I upgraded to the latest t2 version it was possible to reformat DATA as EXT2 and then back to EXT4 and it...
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    Post G6 Oreo update... How much longer?

    H871 and H873 v20a Oreo source code is here - can the H871 source be used to build other variants (eg H870)?
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    Post [US997,H870,H872] mk2000 Kernel [STOCK]

    +1 - thanks for your great work askermk2000 :)
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    Post [US997,H870,H872] mk2000 Kernel [STOCK]

    Does this remove rctd? If not, can this be added in future release please? :)
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    Post [KERNEL][US997/H870/H872][rel_p1][2020-02-22] Melina Kernel (Stock ROMs)

    rel6 Installed without any problems on H870 11F - found a reason to root again :)
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    Post H870 - European Update

    I'm in the UK with a H870 G6 and last week used Uppercut to flash the TCL Mid/South America MX/Mexico 11f from here - now shows 6 November 2017 Security Patch (including BlueBorne patch) and running with no problems that I can see. I'm...