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    Post Xperia T - Bond Edition (Skyfall Theme)

    No problem! Been yearsssss since I logged in - the email notification did it's job :) Enjoy your phone and the bond content!
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    Post Xperia T - Bond Edition (Skyfall Theme)

    Hi, I've just re uploaded it as two parts. part 1 - https://www.sendspace.com/file/mzq5qi part 2 - https://www.sendspace.com/file/vhbivc
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    Post OTA Updates - P10 Lite

    Visually doesn't seem to have new options than a rearrangement of settings and some new apps. Only had a quick look through though.
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    Post OTA Updates - P10 Lite

    I got the OTA notification to get 209 few days back. Think was on 187. After updating now to 209, immediately got the notification for WAS-LX1A After getting that, it is showing update for WAS-LX1A The device is a UK Sim free version from CPW.
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    Post Sending an opened phone back to Sony for repair...

    It finally left the repair centre on 10th Oct. Says screen and case replaced. Seems fine. KK or Marshmallow is the decision to make now :P
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    Post Touchscreen problem

    I had the same identical issue. First started with the screen getting random touch inputs and then the top area stopped responding. Mine is yet under warranty so sent it to Sony repair. They kept delaying it saying awaiting parts and then after chasing multiple times it was repaired and sent out...
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    Post Sending an opened phone back to Sony for repair...

    Yes, would be helpful to know which country... as I am having a hard time with the UK repair people. They received my phone on 16th Sept. Week later get notified its delayed due to awaiting part. And yet they keep saying the same story everytime I ask and that it is escalated to know why the...
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    Post Sony Warranty Repair - Success Story!

    Seems like this touchscreen issue is common. I've had mine for 1yr 8 months now and started with issues last week. Firstly touching anywhere at the bottom of the screen (eg typing), pulled the notifications down everytime. Then it moved to the top and could not pull the notifications down...
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    Post FTP-Server App with Tasker Support?

    Thanks for the reply. I now use folder sync to copy photos etc from device to pc. Since KitKat limits the writing to SD card, haven't been able to write music etc from pc to device.
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    Post Which SDCard?

    Was using a SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHS 1 - Class 10 - SDSDQU-064G-U46A since 2013 July on my Xperia T and now on the Z3C till last week when it decided to refuse any writes to it (using MTP). It remained write proof on PC and also even a low level format did not delete the data! Turns out few others...
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    Post Post a picture of your Tempered Glass

    Does anyone find tempered glass to be more reflective? I am just trying out the first glass protector I've got and find it quite reflective than usual protectors.
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    Post z3 compact cases thread

    How is the grip you feel with the Bugdroid case? I have got one but haven't used it since trying it once, as I felt it's slippery. Using a TPU one but the open flap area is not great, and thinking to start using the Bugdroid one. Did yours fit well with the screen protector?
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    Post Loosing data connectivity

    I've had this happen to me couple of times and solution was to restart. Happens when you are on a wifi network and you move away from it. I am on O2 in UK. There is a thread on the Sony support forum and the problem seems very common. Sony staff has asked a set of questions over there to...
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    Post [Q] Sound gaps while BT streaming to car audio.

    I use a Bluetooth headset (mw600). Started with a nokia n900 and it had frequent gaps, probably due to wifi/interference. With the Z3C started with no gaps but now get few most likely when it leaves any wifi connection (hotspots). Since you have tried all options on the phone side, it seems to...