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    Post Question Widevine Level

    After unlock and rooted with canary i got L3 in my indian rom as generic, and then i followed few steps finally i got L1, please find the steps below and check is it working for you, 1. After bootloader unlocked booted into rom and then rooted with magisk canary build. 2. Flashed James DSP...
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    Thread How to make F2FS file system work in MIUI 11?

    Please give me a proper steps and files to make F2FS file system work in POCO F1 with MIUI 11 latest global rom.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][beryllium] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/12]

    It seems screen lock and unlock sound is too low can u improve this.
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    Post [ABANDONED][sGSI][ROM][PIE] Oxygen OS v9.0.13 for beryllium

    Awesome ROM but need to add exfat support to SDCARD After installing this oneplus 6 its keep on boot to TWRP Recovery after wiping dalvik cache & Cache its worked for me. Everything went fine but only thing which disappoints me to not use this ROM is not supporting EXFAT SDCARDS more than 64gb...
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    Post [FIRMWARE][FRP]Stock Firmware For Lenovo K8 Plus - XT1902-2

    Steps to sideload. 1. Turn off ur phone and enter into recovery mode by pressing vol down and power. 2. There Scroll down to select recovery option. 3. U will get no command display. 4. Then press vol up and power for few seconds then take ur finger from volup key but keep pressing power...
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    Post [FIRMWARE][FRP]Stock Firmware For Lenovo K8 Plus - XT1902-2

    Updated to Oreo Successfully Hi thanks its worked.
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    Post [FIRMWARE][FRP]Stock Firmware For Lenovo K8 Plus - XT1902-2

    How to Sideload this oreo firmware Hi thanks for providing update but can u help me how to sideload this oreo firmware i tried with adb sideload its showing error.
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    Post [FIRMWARE][FRP]Stock Firmware For Lenovo K8 Plus - XT1902-2

    Its seems incorrect oreo link Hi thank u for updating link but an oreo link that u updated showing nougat version as marino_oem_user_7.1.1_NMC26.74-45_49_release-keys_oem_SVCbyGaurav&Dhruv.rar. Please check it and confirm the same. Thank u.
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    Post [HELP] TWRP flashing LENOVO K8 PLUS

    Unbrick the k8 plus Hi please try below steps and check it worked for me. Uncheck both checksum options in sp flashtool settings. 1. Load scatter file from lk folder in your firmware folder and flash it. 2. Then press power button untill u get special fastboot mode in ur phone. 3. Next...
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    Post Lenovo K8 Note & K8 Plus | General thread

    K8 plus oreo update OTA Hi i cant update my phone to oreo its showing up to date is it possible to give ota link of oreo update of k8 plus. Thanks.
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    Post LENOVO K8 plus/Note need custom ROM's

    Need K8 plus Oreo sideload OTA Hi can anyone post k8 plus Oreo OTA link to sideload or else full oreo firmware link flashable. I cant update its showing up to date.
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    Post Fix baseband unknown & imei lost(invalid)

    Serial number Serial number is nothing but product number of phone after flashing its changed to 123456789ABCDEF and also bootloader version is unknown because of this devices is uncertified and device will not detect by any websites and even in lenovo apps to check warranty hence requesting...
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    Post Fix baseband unknown & imei lost(invalid)

    Baseband Unknown Yes really its worked to get back baseband unknow follow those steps carefully.
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    Post Fix baseband unknown & imei lost(invalid)

    Serial number How to change serial number of my device from 0123456789ABCDEF.