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    Post [ROM] AceCream V1.4 + Spanish patch [29/09/12] 2.3.6

    Overclocking Possible? Can we overclock the CPU in this ROM?
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    Post [Do not post]Samsung GT-S5830i/c/m/9i Galaxy Ace petition

    1) sambit.biswas2 2) Sambit Biswas 3) New Delhi, India 4) 3 months 5) Android 4.0.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Device : GT-S5830I ROM : Xperiatized by Berk Şemsioğlu Kernel : [email protected] #1
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    Post [ROM]AndroidScream[V1][Update: 20/09/2012]

    Benchmark Results? How are the benchmark results on this ROM? :rolleyes:
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    Post improve 3d on galaxy ace

    Download Link? Ok, I understood what to do, but from where do I download the adreno libs 5 file? Links please? or PM me? :cyclops:
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    Post [ROM] [TeamCooper] Retribution beta 4 [Update-26/8/2012]

    What is new in this rom? Just wanted to ask WHAT is new or better than the stock ROM by Samsung? I've installed it and just found a bit improvement in speed of the phone. WHAT ELSE is there? :eek:
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    Post Root,Unroot,CWM,and how to Flash Galaxy Ace S5830i

    Can I install CyanogenMod9 in S5830i? Can I install CyanogenMod9 in S5830i??? If yes, then how? :confused: