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Recent content by Samplasion

  1. Samplasion

    Post [ROM][Android 11][One UI 3.1] Slim R

    you can use TWRP's internal file manager to remove Magisk from /system/priv-app, though it's weird as I don't recall the latest version having Magisk automatically install but I'll see
  2. Samplasion

    Post [ROM][Android 11][One UI 3.1] Slim R

    It doesn't, and I don't think it's even possible yet
  3. Samplasion

    Post [ROM][Android 11][One UI 3.1] Slim R

    I uploaded it to the web server, can you check if it works for you now?
  4. Samplasion

    Thread [ROM][Android 11][One UI 3.1] Slim R

    Slim R A lightweight Android 11-based custom ROM for the Samsung A40. Features Fully Deknoxed DM Verity disabled Somewhat debloated Includes Gboard and Telegram Supports Magisk installation through recovery Ares Kernel ** Disclamer * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for...