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  1. samteeee

    Post Question Delivery dates!

    Just got my Shipping notice from Google Store in Canada. Ordered on Oct 19 and It was slated for Oct 27-28 delivery which sounds about right! Pixel 6 Pro Cloudy White Good luck everyone....
  2. samteeee

    Post Question What Case Will You Be Getting?

    I'm looking at "Covert" Clear by Ghostek. https://ghostek.com/collections/pixel6-pro/products/covert-pixel6?variant=39848514814005
  3. samteeee

    Post Question Where can I buy pixel in EU

    I hope the "forward2me" works for you, but if it didn't, try getting it from "clove.co.uk". I just checked and they have all colors in stock. They reputable and only carry EU/UK models. Good Luck
  4. samteeee

    Post Question Are you keeping the Pixel Buds?

    I got mine delivered Today and put them on sale right away since I've got the Pixel Buds 2020 and am happy with them!
  5. samteeee

    Post Question Delivery dates!

    Canada, Google Store, Pixel 6 Pro, 128 GB, Cloudy White on Oct 19, 3:35 pm Got Pixel Buds A Today at 10:00 am. Pixel 6 Pro Delivery Date: Oct 27-28
  6. samteeee

    Post Question Has anybody been able to preorder?

    I agree. I really hope the new Pixel project get better & better. Enjoy your new phone.
  7. samteeee

    Post Question Has anybody been able to preorder?

    I agree, I've owned every iPhone with the exception of 13 and not even once the Pre order was anything but smooth!
  8. samteeee

    Post Question Has anybody been able to preorder?

    In Canada it took me 45 minutes to be able to check out to only miss out on Cloudy White indicating it's sold out! I decided to wait after the release date to be able to get the White but decided to come back after 15 minutes and out of the blue Cloudy White was back in stock! I squeezed one out...
  9. samteeee

    Post Question Pixel 6 Pro Colors!

    I hear you!
  10. samteeee

    Post Question Pixel 6 Pro Colors!

    I know, I noticed that as well, but still Panda an excellent choice, eh?
  11. samteeee

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro Colors!

    Hi guys; I'm gonna stick with Panda (Cloudy White), Which color would you choose? Thanks. Edit: It took me about 45 minutes but I finally placed a Pre Order for a Pixel 6 Pro 128GB in Cloudy White and I get a pair of Pixel Buds A for free!
  12. samteeee

    Post Question Radio App

    Confirmed with Asus, the ZenFone 8 North American variant, Radio FM chip enabled & operational.
  13. samteeee

    Post Question Zenfone 8 in North America

    I know, I think I might do the same!
  14. samteeee

    Thread Question Zenfone 8 in North America

    You can now buy the Zenfone 8 in U.S: https://store.asus.com/us/category/ZF8
  15. samteeee

    Post How To Guide working method to enable Volte and Vowifi using PDC (no root)

    Hi everybody; Would anyone know which profile to choose for Canada? Any success at enabling the VoWIFI calling? I'm in Canada, with Freedom Network. Thanks.