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  • Hi,
    first, scuse my bad english, I'm swiss french and I'm 15, then, it isn't easy!
    I've ported this ROM with the WG #18 No Ramhack, and it boot. The Wifi is OK, but there is a big problem....the Home automatically restart when I launch a "big" app (Browser,all...).
    I think it got an autokill, but with a 32B, there is less RAM, and I think, the autokill is set to ~ min 30 Mb. With a 32A (288) it's OK, but with a 32B (192), it's quickly reached!!
    If you know wich app is it, or wich script, thank you!

    An other question, where are the language files?

    An other other question, I've tried to port a Hero ROM to my 32B device. It boot (quick!) but the same problem with the RAM, and mostly the Wifi won't work, but I've changed the wlan.ko, then, is it in the init.rc?

    Thank you in advance!
    Hi sanpei,
    I'm a noob. Can you help to root my Magic so as to access Android Market?
    Hi mate, how did you get bluetooth and the orientation sensor working in your rom? Could you offer a few pointers to a newbie developer?
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