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    Post [APP][2.2+] Awake/Sleep Volume Adjuster

    Damn! I never actually use my phone as a phone so that never crossed my mind. I'll look into it changing it, but right now the app simply works on whether the screen is lit up or not. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Post [APP][2.2+] Awake/Sleep Volume Adjuster

    I have an HTC Evo Design 4G which has atrocious battery life (carry around a spare in my wallet) and haven't noticed any decrease. I regularly check the battery use because I have to watch for things eating it up and it hasn't shown up yet! Glad you found it useful!
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    Post [APP][2.2+] Awake/Sleep Volume Adjuster

    Aw, is it really? Bummer. For me it was on par with my other background-type helper apps I use regularly. What device/version have you tried it on?
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    Thread [APP][2.2+] Awake/Sleep Volume Adjuster

    When your phone is in your pocket, full volume notifications are necessary if you don't want to miss a message. But when you already have your phone out and unlocked, there's no need for them to be loud and annoying, especially if you're already using the app they originate from (e.g. message...