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    Post Oppo From these markets IS a GLOBAL (2025) dual SIM with 512GB

    hmmm you should get .24 but again.. take your SIM out.. and try to vpn germany or netherlands.
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    Post Oppo From these markets IS a GLOBAL (2025) dual SIM with 512GB

    yup vpn (expressVPN) into netherlands, on my thai phone indeed, i need more time to asses the changes (battery). I think that they do batch updates, and also that .23 and .24 might be the same but for different batches.
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    Post oppo updates schedule

    you can i think.. but with a tool like MSM or something like that
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    Post oppo updates schedule

    hmm unless you do a Full flash via OTG or SD (which it doesn't have). I guess you're stuck with it. Funny note : i had the Thai .21 on my phone and was able to downgrade it to .18 UK with no issues.. this then means they have different teminasions of their firmware based on country.
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    Post Oppo bringing Android 11 beta to the Find x2

    Don't get close to it for the moment... apparently it messes a lot of things on the OP8P .. so i wouldn't install a beta1 on a phone they already have battery, and camera issues.
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    Post oppo updates schedule

    I think you can find the Aussie firmware on their site, you download it on your phone, go into recovers, and then install from device. https://oppo-au.custhelp.com/app/software_update_detail/p_name/Find%20X2%20Pro
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    Post [Help needed][OPPO Find X2 Pro] Firmware Downgrade on CPH2025

    ok thats the may update, the one i have. i'm really looking for the .23
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    Post oppo updates schedule

    even with VPN nothing, malaysia the same. Anybody can retrieve the OTA from their phone and share it?
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    Post Hello friends

    search the forums. this has been discussed many times. It's impossible to flash the Global on the Cn version (for the moment)
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    Post Oppo From these markets IS a GLOBAL (2025) dual SIM with 512GB

    this is a carrier issue then... i've had that issue with the op7p in switzerland. As the phone was not "listed" in their phone list volte and wificalling didn't work. Try to call your carrier and ask them On a side note, there is a .23 - june security that came out... but we can't find it. It...
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    Post oppo updates schedule

    anyone in this thread know how to get the .23 for the 2025... it's the lastest with june security patch, and it's coming by OTA to some. But even VPN into their country it doesn't work, and we don't know where the OTA files are located on the phone... so if someone has it (link or file) that...
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    Post AU version to UK version flash?

    You download it on your phone (downloads folder). Then you reboot in bootloader nd from there you will see "update firmware" or something like that and somewhere else it's written "update from device", at that moment you will have to find the file in the "downloads" folder. Something strange...