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    Post [Review] ihreesy Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Handsfre Car Kit Charger

    For anyone who wants to get a $5 discount on the product, here is the code: 33W844LF, expires March 30th. [/FONT]
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    Thread [Review] ihreesy Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Handsfre Car Kit Charger

    This is a product review of Buetooth Car FM Transmitter with Dual USB Car Charger. It comes with a cute little remote so you don't need to reach out to it everytime you want to change a song or receive a call. It can play songs from your phone with a 3.5mm audio cable, it can play songs via USB...
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    Thread [Review] Kmashi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    This is a product review for Kmashi portable speaker with flashing LED light. The product is truly amazing, I have never thought I would get so good sound performance with this speaker. It has latest 4.0 bluetooth technology integrated thus produces flawless connection with the phone. When it...
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    Thread [Review] AGPTek Universal Car Mount Phone Holder

    Here is a product review of 360° Rotating Magnetic Car Mount, AGPtek Universal Air Vent Car Mount Phone Holder. It works like a charm and does it's job effectively. It comes with strong magnetic plate and it has a unique one hand mounting system. The magnet doesn't harm the phone. A innovative...
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    Thread [Review] Image In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Wireless Earphone

    This is a product review of IMAGE® 3.5mm In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Audio Adapter with Removable Wireless Earphone and Dual USB Charger(5V/2.1A) for all Smartphones and Audio Players which serves multiple purposes. This is a Bluetooth handsfree car kit with detachable earphone, supports...
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    Thread [Review] Wireless Charger from LDesign

    Today I am going to review LDesign Wireless Charger which is very convenient serving it's purpose. It is very light with a beautiful round shape and looks nice too. It has a micro usb port to connect to the charger, all one has to do is place the phone on the charging pad. It has non-slipping...
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    Thread {Review} LDesign FM Transmitter & Charger

    Hello XDA, Product Features: *Compatible with any smartphone *Perfect audio transmission function *Provides hands-free conversation through car speakers *Full frequency range designed effectively to avoid interruptions USB output to charge phones, GPS, and other devices Specifications...
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    Thread [Review] Choetech 5200mAh Rechargeable Power Bank & Flashlight

    Here is a product review of Choetech Portable Phone Charger and Flashlight : This really is a very handy stuff. It is a powerful power bank because it is 5200mAh so you can charge your phone more than once. It comes with a very useful and powerful flashlight...
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    Thread [Review] Axgio Sprint Wireless Headset

    Here is a product review of Axgio Sprint Sound Isolating Wireless Headset. With so many wireless headset out in the market I personally liked this one very much because unlike other wireless headset it has small ear speakers with adjustable stabilizer to wrap around the ears. It comes in a a...
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    Thread [Review] Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank

    I always needed a power bank for my Nexus 5 because it dies really fast when I have LTE, GPS on using navigation or taking pictures on any tours. I came across to this one in Amazon, Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank. I am very happy to say that I am more than satisfied with the quality and...
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    Post [Review][20,000mAh Vinsic Portable Power Bank]

    This product actually looks awesome. The body is aluminum and I just loved the digital battery level indicator. I also use a Nexus 5 and when I am off to a trip I am always worried about my phone is about to die because when LTE, GPS is on and you're using camera with HDR it takes no time no...
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    Post [Dual Boot][ROM/Kernel][MDPI]Radium 4.0

    Glad to see you still contributing with your valuable stuffs for this community :highfive: Thanks
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    Post Post ur Screen On Time!!!!!!

    There is a same thread on this topic HERE, Please continue discussion there :) This is is closed
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    Post [SEP-11][4.4.4-R2][1.3.7][moto_msm8960 & moto_msm8960_jbbl] AOSB Project

    Do not solicit comparing ROMS, it's a disrespectful question to ask and more disrespectful to answer because both ways it is related to the developer of the ROM
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    Post [solved] Ipa to apk converter !? ..

    I am afraid to say this thing and the link you have put up doesn't look legit in anyway. Link removed and thread closed