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    Post [APP] #mono_ FlipFont + Custom TTF Installer v2.1 for Samsung OneUI 1/2/3 [NO-ROOT]

    Try original instructions. If it doesn't work then this won't work either. Afaik, Samsung cloud resets font settings to default on some devices.
  2. sathishtony

    Post [APP] #mono_ FlipFont + Custom TTF Installer v2.1 for Samsung OneUI 1/2/3 [NO-ROOT]

    On some devices, samsung cloud doesn't backup font settings. I couldn't tell on what basis it omits.
  3. sathishtony

    Post Google Product Sans for Android 10 OneUI 2.5 (Samsung Phone)

    I simplified these steps in mono app with reference to your original instructions. Awesome finding! https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-mono_-flipfont-custom-ttf-installer-v2-1-for-samsung-oneui-1-2-3-no-root.4195613.
  4. sathishtony

    Post [APP] #mono_ FlipFont + Custom TTF Installer v2.1 for Samsung OneUI 1/2/3 [NO-ROOT]

    Update #mono_ version 2.1 Flipfont + Custom TTF installer. What's New: + You can use any ttf file on your OneUI seamlessly - Android 10 and 11 (copy your ttf files to monofonts/ttf folder) + Added preview for custom ttf files. Check main post for apk and original thread link Have a great year!
  5. sathishtony

    Post Fonts for Galaxy S20 Ultra No Root needed

    I have no idea how you managed to get all these fonts. Anyways, thanks for your awesome collection! ---------- Post added at 05:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:42 PM ---------- Last week, people brought this thread to my attention and said that we have so many flipfonts and mono app...
  6. sathishtony

    Thread [APP] #mono_ FlipFont + Custom TTF Installer v2.1 for Samsung OneUI 1/2/3 [NO-ROOT]

    #mono_ version 2.1 [NO-ROOT] Originally, I developed mono_ as an alternative to smartswitch/scloud for sideloading the flipfonts. Now, I present you version 2 with all the features that you guys requested. Flipfont sideloader + OneUI Special Edition. DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION...
  7. sathishtony

    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    You have to rebuild your theme whenever you update certain apps. You can see the yellow text that says rebuild required. Google home is one of them.
  8. sathishtony

    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    Custom QS Toggles Update. Update is live. Custom QS Toggles. Check in Preferences Panel. There 28 Combination available to style your qs toggle background. Custom QS Toggles overrides ui plugin's style Solid circle Solid square Solid squricle Solid teardrop top left Solid teardrop top...
  9. sathishtony

    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    if you're seeing instagram icon in troubleshoot then its a cache problem. To clear that, follow my previous post. If not, the beta version that you're using is not compatible.
  10. sathishtony

    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    Dev priorities for Hex Core Our Work Info : Hex Installer is the official alternative to themeGalaxy app. The idea is to provide Hassle free/Seamless theming solution for Galaxy OneUI devices without compromising any of the customization features. All my work primarily based on "Do It...
  11. sathishtony

    Post [THEME] anxious_

    Thank you for all your support people. I hope you all like our work. ---------- Post added at 10:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:03 PM ---------- It's a known issue. Hope we fix this in the updates..