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    Post Question call recorder

    Try cube call recorder from play store.
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    Post [Q]How to Disable Flag_secure on SPECIFIC APK by decompiling, editing an recompiling?

    I replaced but app still didn't allow taking screenshot
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    Thread [APP] - 100% Working CALL RECORDER : Tested on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 [X00TD] [STOCK] [PIE] - (Root/Magisk required)

    Requirements- 1. You must have magisk 2. Download call recorder apk from 3. Install the above apk. 4. Using "App Systemizer" Magisk module, move this app into priv-app & reboot. (Google this if you dont know) 5. Open app, give all permissions &...
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    Post [GCaM_MOD] [STABLE] [STOCK Pie + Custom ROMs] [09-Apr-2021]

    Can anyone tell how to use front flash in gcam 7.3? Only screen illumination option is there.
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    I cant find 4536 version there. Can you share file link?
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    Post DualSpeaker-X01BD [SoundMod][Magisk]

    Today i noticed. Earpiece speaker is not working anymore as dual speaker in any app. Note:i can hear call. So hardware is okay. lscambo13
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    Post DualSpeaker-X01BD [SoundMod][Magisk]

    Does not work in max pro m1 stock rom
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    Post DualSpeaker-X01BD [SoundMod][Magisk]

    Not installing Not installing. Pls see screenshot
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    Post (help me) how to install twrp on android 10 fw407?

    Twrp flashing process is same as earlier. Unlock bootloader if it is not already and flash recovery from fastboot. Reboot to recovery before 1st boot...
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    Post Official OTA/TWRP (9.0) X00T/X00TD -16/12/2019 (Build No. 060)

    Twrp flashable 059 ---------- Post added at 08:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:56 AM ---------- Twrp flashable 059 full zip...
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    Post [RECOVERY][X00T] KudProject's Unofficial TWRP 3.5.2_9-1 (k4.4/k4.14) [16-05-2021]

    Try r44 or r47 from this link
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    Poison-Fang kindly update links for latest patches here also..
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    Post [2019.4.4] Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode (mm)

    donot work for devices with encrypted internal storage as my device is encrypted and there is no workaround for decryption as of now. Following step dont work due to lack of access to internal memory(sdcard) from recovery. " First time (right after installing/updating) - run `mm` or `sh...