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    Post [KERNEL]Radioactive Kernel V10.0.8[2019.11.19]THREAD DEPRECATED

    Hi guys! Love how smooth/battery friendly the kernel is. Is there anything I can change to ensure apps stay in memory longer/without reload? Thank you ☺
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0]ValidusOs_GZR[UNOFFICIAL] Mi Pad1 | Shield blobs

    What gapps to go along with the ROM? Pico aren't working as Play Services keeps crashing Edit: Clearing Play Services data worked!
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    Post google breaks casting

    Thank you for posting. I was losing my mind! Literally spent 1 hour. Reboot. Factory reset. Removed extender. Change Router Wifi Channel. Reboot every possible device. Phew thought that's the end of my Chromecast. So glad to know it'll be fixed phew
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Just wanted to let you'll know that it works perfectly on OnePlus 6. Non-root MicroG dark variant. Thank you :)
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    Post [ROM] Liquid Remix [9.1.3][8.1] [Spectrum] [14 july]

    Just in case anybody has the same problem, I was able to fix it. I selected MIDI from the Developer Settings under Select USB Configuration AND disabled 'MTP under Charging' from Settings - Liquid Lounge - Miscellaneous Works very well now. :D
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    Post [ROM] Liquid Remix [9.1.3][8.1] [Spectrum] [14 july]

    So I did try using MTP from the Developer Settings. The setting does change, however when I connect the phone to the unit, the prompt does not show MTP. Rebooting doesn't help either. I'll post logs next time I try to make it work!
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    Post [ROM] Liquid Remix [9.1.3][8.1] [Spectrum] [14 july]

    Guys, is Android Auto working for you all? Can anybody confirm? My Ford SYNC says unable to initialize Android Auto. The USB shifts to USB for file transfer whenever I try to select MIDI
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    Post [ROM] Liquid Remix [9.1.3][8.1] [Spectrum] [14 july]

    Love the fluidity. Everything is working fine! On OP3 ☺️
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 8 OnePlus 3 [6.0.1]

    Brilliant ROM! Everything works perfectly except Alert Slider and NFC. So happy!!
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    Post dbrands skin

    Hey, I had ordered mine on the 27th of June and it got delivered on the 15th. But, they shipped me another one with the microphone cutout on the 7th of July and I got that as well on the 15th. So it'll take anywhere between 7-15 days to deliver.
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    Post [3.2.6 UPDATE ]One Plus 3 -Indian Thread [Pricing, Availability, Reviews, Support]

    Guys any idea on what tempered glass to buy? Haven't found any that ships here that covers the entire screen
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    Post dbrands skin

    They did miss the cutout for the mic.
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    Post Cases & screen protectors.

    So I just initiated the refund for the OnePlus tempered glass. It does not cover the entire screen. Thankfully, I didn't apply. Which shall I buy? eBay India link? Also, going to purchase a skin from [URL][URL] Gadget Shield...