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  • replace png icons inside F:\Visual_Kitchen\SYS\21888\dpi_96\COMMON\Base_DPI_96

    and to apply icons in programs add registry like this-
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Shell\StartInfo\Start\XDA Shutdown.lnk]

    Also u can fade startmenu background & transparency by editing this file in photoshop-

    Also u can skin the default theme of WM6.5 by editing elements in-
    F:\Visual_Kitchen\SYS\21888\dpi_96\COMMON\Base_DPI _96
    Hey I am a bit confused :(. Do you want me to ask him about : Upload/Download issues OR Issues in the ROM (like messaging invoked on reboot)? Please clarify :). is like i have stock rom for elfin...i dump it in vk...i rebuikt it for 21055...but every time when i want to replace those EXT packages i messed up with rom like no keyboard,no sound,bad screen response.....
    i really want EXT packages from our beloved gene and i also want m2d and full qwerty keyboard..but i m not finding the right if u can help me so that i build my own rom without bugs...
    Most probably its the xip. You will need to use the xip of gene. PLus OEM stuff is device specific so be sure to use that. I think you are using some device specific files from the rom that dont work on gene.
    Hey Thanks for the information. However when I try to use rapidshare for file upload, after some time my internet gets disconnected (tried 3/4 times). This does not happen while I am downloading. Also this does not happen while upload on 4shared. Thats the reason I have not been using rapidshare.
    if you use vista or seven set administrators properties of exe files in tools folders and subfolders.
    " The system cannot find the path specified.
    ERROR executing: kitchen_build_rom.bat "

    Something wrong in your kitchen setup. I have cooked a rom using the files I posted.
    oh thanx my brother..that is why i always proud of my INDIA..
    in elfin forum they r not sharing even their packages!!and dont ask about kitchen!!
    i really miss my gene..
    ok good night...
    Yeah, surely I will. Give me some time, its almost 1:00 AM. Will upload it first in tomorrow morning :)
    Yes, all of the sys can be used to cook for elf. But under ROM you can only take ROM\Shared\MSXIPKernel part.
    thank u so my device info/about it is written as HTC_P3450
    and it have 128mb that i was confused....
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