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    Post [India] S9+ User Thread

    Its called itch..i had same in past..but finally realised i lost so much money for that i could have bought a car.. So choose wisely. For what u want to upgrade?? Currently i am not seeing anything else better then s9 plus..ofc some.minor upgrade but trust me...i had sold my s9plus for i X.and...
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    Post netflix not available in playstore

    No.its not rooted.
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    Thread netflix not available in playstore

    Really annoying bug. Not showing in play store and when i click from external source it saying not compatible to my i didnt know that. I installed apk from netflix website and now while watching video, screen just time out every time and lock.have to unlock it... How is this possible??
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    Post S9+ loading apps slower in compare to another

    It's bloat ware. You need to root it and remove very carefully those with titanium backup app
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    Post New S9+ user, what should I do?

    Just play with it bro little. And you will realise yourself or just YouTube it tips and tricks for s9 plus
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    Post S9+ Exynos benchmarks and battery life

    It jist plain phone without any other thing on it. I haven't touched any setting except location disabled... Always 4g lte on of jio.yes also always on dispay off and display seting to full hd.
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    Post Photo quality

    Another shots..
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    Post Photo quality

    I checked on phone info app and it shows its s9plus... In low light its good But most if my images hve blured or blast effects...need to chek or hardware reset or something ---------- Post added at 01:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:08 PM ---------- Great contribution to...
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    Post Photo quality

    In the flower u can see blurr effect while zooming
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    Post Photo quality

    Here are som sample.u can see.
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    Post Photo quality

    You didnt bother to read my other comment right??? ---------- Post added at 02:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:22 AM ---------- Ys same here.i ill poat pic today
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    Post Photo quality

    I m not able to update pic here from xda lab app.
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    Post Photo quality

    You better try to understand whats my point is.this device is below my expectation.i was convinced o buy pixel 2 xl but i bought this and its not up to mark
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    Post [India] S9+ User Thread

    same foe me.looking for pixel 2 xl or iphone 8 plus