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    Post Call quality

    This phone has the worst call quality. The opposite end can hear all sorts of ambient noise as if the software isn't doing anything. I really miss my old phone honor view 10 which was excellent in terms of quality and i can't bear with this crap. I'll sell it as soon as warranty expires.
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    Post battery life

    Mine seems to be amazing. If i dont play games my SOT will be above 7-8 hours with 144hz on. Usually my SOT is 3-4 hours with 3 hours of voice calls as well and 30-40% left. Wifi, mobile data, gps, bluetooth &144hz refresh rate settings turned on.
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    Thread Android 11 GSI

    Has anyone tried flashing this?
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    Post Honor View 10 constantly boot loops after installation of EMUI 10

    +1 I have the same phone also reboots every now and then..i think that my system UI is crashing.
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    Thread Need a broken device

    Anyone having broken honor view 10? I need a few spare parts from the device. If someone has a useless non working device, please ping me.
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    Thread Fingerprint sensor cracked

    Where can i get my fingerprint sensor repaired? Went to huawei service center and they are asking for screen replacement worth Rs. 5500 while the sensor costs only Rs. 600. Please tell me if you know someone who can repair the same in India, preferably Delhi NCR
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    Post EMUI 10 Beta for Honor View 10

    Participants increased from 200 to 300
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    Post Amazfit GTR 47mm Brightness and always on display issue

    AOD came with an update and its pretty good too.
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    Thread Amazfit GTR 47mm Brightness and always on display issue

    Is there a way to apply the brightness settings to the always on display watch face. I'm unable to see it in direct sunlight and have to turn on the watch to see the time.
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    Post Alway On Display 15% OPR Disable?

    Did you find a solution for the same? In bright sunlight AOD faces aren't visible no matter what the brightness level is unless i turn on the watch.
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    Thread EMUI 10 Beta for Honor View 10

    Update 2: Beta again full for India Update: Beta available for signup 82 participants left. (Increased from 200 to 300) Huawei confirms 33 more devices scheduled for EMUI 10 beta EMUI 10 (Open Beta) Huawei P30 / P30 Pro (Mid October) Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro / Mate 20X (4G) / Mate 20 RS...
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    Post Remaining time left became much lesser than before

    I doubt about 9.1. Judging by the Huawei US relation.