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    Post [APP] Arc Lighting - Notification Light for Oneplus 8

    Could i get a code too. Oneplus 8 Pro user.
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    Post [ROM] XIAOMI.EU ROMS - Stable and Weekly released

    Hope somebody can help me with this issue. So I've managed to flash the global ROM and was playing around with it. Works fine. I then decided to flash the EU ROM and tested it and it worked fine too but decided i wanted to go back to global ROM......but i can't. I've getting the error...
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    Post [ROM] XIAOMI.EU ROMS - Stable and Weekly released

    I have not tried the TWRP yet but just wondering if this version of TWRP read external storage?
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    Post How to Relock bootloader

    So now i too am stuck at the recovery page and it will not boot any further.....any ideas?
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    Post [Recovery][EMUI 8.x only][Mate 10 /Pro][Unofficial]TWRP 3.2.1-0 [16/04/2018]

    newbie to huawei devices but if i use the recovery here, can i just flash the official update downloaded from FF? Also i assume i only need to flash the and can skip the other 2 files right? Below the files i downloaded from FF. I've unlocked my bootloader. My device is currently...
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    Post XLOADER Checking tool (check xloader in BLA+ALP) + BLA-L29C432B147

    newbie to getting the error below in cmd. Any advice? C:\check>check.bat The system cannot find the path specified. 'shell.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. The reason i'm here is cos i've downloaded 3 files from FF and i...
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    Post [MOD] [Magisk Module]Brighter Adaptive Brightness

    Did you find the fix? If you did please share. I'm keen on trying this mod but not sure which is best since some are getting bootloop, one had to reset and another had a soft brick. I'm on OOS 5.1.9 and rooted with Magisk & Xposed installed. Anybody with similar set up? What's your method of...
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    Post Huawei P10 Plus User Group (Whatsapp)

    Bump for new users to join the growing group :)
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    Thread Mate 10 Series - Telegram Group Chat

    I searched but could not find any created group chat so i figured i'll start one. Anybody interested to join please join via the link below. Anything Mate 10 can be discussed in the group chat. Telegram Chat: MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED Per the forum rules promoting social media is noo longer...
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    Post [11/12] [New 4th Leak ] Oxygen OS 5.0 [No data loss] [Guide/Root]

    With this latest Beta 4, did OnePlus accidentally put back face unlock feature?
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    Post [11/12] [New 4th Leak ] Oxygen OS 5.0 [No data loss] [Guide/Root]

    quick check....are you able to change notification sound for gmail? i've gone into the gmail app settings and cannot find where to change the notification tone.
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    Post [11/12] [New 4th Leak ] Oxygen OS 5.0 [No data loss] [Guide/Root]

    Is there anyway to turn off the "Check update" so it does not have the notification to inform that there is a new update? I'm on Beta 2 and plan to stick with it awhile until the next Beta with face unlock :P
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    Post [ABANDONED][ROM][7.1.1] ExperienceOS R11.0 Lite + Addon Installer [OOS 4.5.12 Based]

    Can we continue to have both SuperSU and Magisk as options in Aroma cos for the first time i used Magisk and after a day it tells me to update and when i do, i flash it from TWRP and it just boot loops and at the end, my phone got wipe. All because Magisk asked me to update the bloody app...