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  • Oh sh....!
    I just saw your message, I didnt even know that such a thing as "Visitor message" exists! Just give me a quick feedback, if you got it to work. I'm more than pleased to help you out, if still needed.

    All the best...
    Hello Schago,
    I just noticed that you are in Switzerland/Sunrise.
    I was wondering if you could help me on my New TyTN bought at Sunrise Shop.
    It came in German, and at the time, the guys there told me I could change it to english , obviously I couldn't :( .
    As I really wanted this phone I thought I would give it a try, but german technical things are really not my "forte". So my question would be if you could help me out to get an English Rom fully compatible with Sunrise, Switzerland, TOM TOM, etc...
    Of course I would love to have the 3D Cube, etc..
    right now I have:
    Rom: 3.28.407.0 GER

    I really appreciate if you can help me on this one.
    Best regards.
    Bernardo Tribolet
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