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  • Hi Schaps!

    Your program is one of my favorites on my HTC Hd, but I've a problem. When I tried to customize HTC TouchFLO 3D and tried to add non-standard TouchFLO 3D tabs, I've found a misstake. This part of the software is not working on my Blackstone. It's not able to add that 2 inbuilt extra tab to the originals. It can decrease the number of original tabs, just can't add the new ones. Do you have any idea what the problem is? Please send me a solution here! Thanx!
    Schaps, i have been using the Schap's 3.54b, but i cannot get the Edge and HSDPA Icons, i just get the G (Gprs) and 3G Icons, i'm using a Cingular 8525 (HTC Hermes 100).

    hope you can tell me how to get these icons
    Hey Schaps! I've used and loved a majority of your roms, compared to others on this site. You're a great developer! All of your efforts have made millions of ok devices amazing! You have made yourself a pioneer and the foundation of rom development as we know it. Your creative skill will always be remembered!
    Hello, I loaded your "Advanced Configuration Tools" on my "Touch Vogue - Sprint Touch". when I try to enter "More Settings - Touchflo 3d" I get the eroor message"An error occurred while loading TOUCHFLOW 3D configurtation". When I touch the ok the Touchflo 3d tabs screen loads - but nothing is checked off (as in your demo screen).
    Please help - It looks great!!
    Awsome work for my Hermes Schaps. I have been lurker until just now and have been trying a lot of you stuff. I am not using it, because it is so old, but I learned a lot. Also you were a pioneer. Thank you!
    i have tmobile family plan and have two phones. need sms backup for the nokia and my samsung. thanks please help/ oh yea is there any way i can track my second line and find out where they are like gps . ty
    Greetings Schaps:
    I am thinking about installing your "Advanced Configuration" Tool v3.3 onto my HTC Touch Pro (Sprint / USA)
    I would simply like to know if it will work on MY HTC Touch Pro "BEFORE" I do the installation. Please ,someone, let me know.
    Hi. I am currently using Kaiser Tweaks on my ATT-Tilt (HTC-8925). What a great program !!! Should I delete KT before loading Advanced Config. 3.3?

    I'm also preparing to load AC3.3 to my ATT-Fuze. Are there any known issues with the Fuze and AC3.3?

    Where is the best place to find out information about the WM Registry Keys. I have done minor reg edits (touch sensitivity, remapping PTT, etc.) on my Tilt but would like to do more if I can find out more about the function of the various registry keys.

    Thanks for taking all of us "less than advanced users" under your "wing"
    Hi i have updatet my hermes 300 with Schap`s 3.54b. It works great but after an half hour Bluetooth doesnt work. Have this update second made and the same Problem. Sorry for my english i am german. can you help me
    Dear Schap's, do u've any tutorial on how to set all value for adv config v3.3 or any link so i can go thru n follow the setting given? thank u very much for ur greats work n solution.
    after i download your last version (4.30) it say 'are you sure you want to flash schaps wm6 pro rom' click yes then error comes up (ruuwrapper.exe - application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) can you please help?
    Dear shaps Ihave an hermes with your rom that works fine but there is a problem with net cf 3.5; it would be built in it but I can't find it on my device and when I tried to run some apps they required me to install net cf!! So this is the bug because I cannot install net cf 3.5 but only version 2 sp2 because when I try to install 3.5 I got an error message telling me to free more memory. can you help me? I've been up and down the web but I didn't find anything useful. txs.
    Just a quick question. I have searched for 2 days all over the net and on XDA for an answer. Is it possible to use the scrollwheel to navigate the Main menu on TF3D?
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