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    Post [RECOVERY][ocn] TWRP touch recovery

    Oh... It's too bad hearing that... But thank you TWP for the background explanation! Have we happened to address the issue? It is an unknown problem or it is like something need to be fixed from the stock ROM? I am not sure how to join the TWRP Testing
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    Post [RECOVERY][ocn] TWRP touch recovery

    TWRP 3.2.3-1 supported AOSP Pie decryption, so I am not that pessimistic... Captain_Throwback Hi Captain, Looks like you have retired already... but do you have any thought on this?
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    Post [RECOVERY][ocn] TWRP touch recovery

    I am on stock Android Pie (3.22.709.3) too. I can't find any way makes the decryption work in TWRP recovery. Tried twrp-3.3.1-0-ocn and twrp-3.2.3-1_CPTB-20190220-01-ocn are the same... Any solution or workaround ?
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    Post 24.09 - OREO ViperU 2.3.0 STABLE | 2.33.401.19 Tweaks | HUB | OTA

    Cannot see those photos before installing new ROM Hi, I come to Viper from stock rom. I wiped everything except the internal storage. One question is that I cannot see the photos that they are existing before installing the rom in the HTC album/Google Photos app. But the photos can be seen...
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    Hi, Could you please make a stock version without integrating supersu? Since we might want to use Magisk or something else. Or just not to integrate in the next update. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM] [MBO30H] Optimized Stock Rom (Debloated, Odex, Aroma Installer!)

    Love this ROM and use it for a long time! Thanks for your awesome work! The new MOB30H build has released. Is there any way to disable OTA notification? I wish I can get rid of the notification before Eatbean's build is released.
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    Post [ROM] [MBO30H] Optimized Stock Rom (Debloated, Odex, Aroma Installer!)

    I love the new odexed version! No need to debloat by myself anymore. Thank you~~~
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    Post [6.0] Factory Image Now Live

    How can I install factory image in MultiROM ?
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    Post [ROM] CleanCore N5 | MMB29S | 100% Lean Stock | 01/19/2016

    waiting for LYM48M update a long time
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    Post [APP][LP][XPOSED] GravityBox v5.6.0 - tweak box for Android 5 [23/09/2018]

    feature request 1. Hide notification from certain app in the lock screen. eg. I would like to hide Power Toggle in the lock screen. 2. Add "Auto brightness" toggle in the QuickSettings tiles. *That's why I still need to use Power Toggle.
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    Post [ROM] [PREVIEW] Android M

    no, it won't wipe internal memory. just like a regular rom do.
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    Post [ROM] [PREVIEW] Android M

    Here's a mirror on MEGA directly from the link above. MPZ44Q, flashable zip, work with MultiROM v32c MD5 Sum: 3a6de6f9b827b78231924abf9a45650e
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    Post HTC One E8 - MID, CID, RUU, OTA, TWRP

    RUU request I got a HTC E8 dual sim from HTC estore in Taiwan ( This variant is absent in the first page. Could anyone provide the RUU of this model? [Software information on my phone] Model: M8sy Android : 4.4.2 HTC Sense : 6.0 Software number : 1.25.709.2 Kernel...
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    Post [ROM][HH][GPL][5.0.2_r1][LRX22G] SimpleAOSP [Build 11]

    Battery saving????? It should be "Location" Bug from build 11 Sent from my Nexus 5 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [ROM][14-03-2014] AOSP KitKat 4.4.2 Mod for Nexus S - Final Build

    This is the most responsive and smoothest ROM for Nexus S that I've ever tried ! Anyone feels the same ? I hope cn.fyodor could keep update this ROM to 4.4.4 and further more future version !