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Recent content by scuccia

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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 for OnePlus 6T

    Is anyone having issues with VPNs on the beta. I have two VPN providers and neither of them work on Beta 1 or 2. EDIT: VPN seems to be working now...
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Open beta fixed the issue for me as well. Guess I'm rolling with the beta now...
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Same issue here on Verizon. It will even find service on it's own eventually but only for about 30 seconds. I'm flashing the open beta right now in hopes that I can get cell service back.
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    Post Google Phone App.

    This version is working for me. Google Phone 7.0.140861421-nonnexus Google Contacts 1.6.20
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    Post Verizon Preorder and Order shipping thread

    I ordered a Pixel XL 128GB on 11/25 with an expected ship date of 1/6, and I just got pushed back to 3/10. I'm not going to wait that long so I just canceled my order.
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    Post [ROM] Fluent ROM v6.1.1 -- 2.17.605.9 -- Lollipop -- Sense 6 -- 09/24/15

    What is the slow boot time attributed to? I searched the thread and didn't really find much discussion on it. I've found that if I wipe the dalvik cache that it will boot to the "upgrading apps" dialog rather quickly. If I don't wipe the dalvik cache then it sits at the end of the boot...
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    Post [Q&A/OT] •ᴥ• GPE •ᴥ• Android Lollipop •ᴥ• MULTICARRIER •ᴥ•

    I tried a bunch of aroma combinations with the 12/18 ROM, and all of them would crash media applications when I changed the volume. I even tried dirty flashing over 12/17 and it still crashed. I am now back on 12/17 and it's working fine.
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] Instagram Downloader

    Here's the 6.10.1 Instagram apk that works with the latest Instagram Downloader. https://www.dropbox.com/s/chrllz8knhxdmnd/com.instagram.android-6.10.1.apk?dl=0
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] Instagram Downloader

    InstagramDownloader: Downloading media... InstagramDownloader: Unable to download media: com.instagram.user.c.b cannot be cast to java.lang.String
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    Post [MOD][Xposed] Instagram Downloader

    Uninstall and reinstall the module. It will work after that.
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    Post Anyone have a flashable zip of the new Android boot screen?

    Yeah, pretty sure that's what it's supposed to do.
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    Post Phantom touches?

    I'm not sure, I only know that HTC gave me a hard time and my device was locked, not relocked. I'd guess that VZW doesn't have a thorough check like HTC does, but it is a risk.
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    Post My Bootloader says that my RADIO, OpenDSP are Invalid and OS is blank, I need help

    No, I went into App Manager, opened up the settings application and clicked on clear data. I then let the phone charge to 100%. I also flashed the firmware.zip RUU from the OTA. You can do this while you're locked and S-On because its signed by HTC. I have no idea what fixed it but I would...
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    Post My Bootloader says that my RADIO, OpenDSP are Invalid and OS is blank, I need help

    You could try the Sunshine method to S-Off your device or you could read through my previous post in this thread. I had this same issue and somehow was able to get the version info to display correctly.
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    Post Phantom touches?

    I'm not really sure, but HTC gave me a hard time about being S-Off but I eventually talked them out of charging me for the replacement. I then had issues with the replacement that HTC sent me so I dealt with VZW on getting that one replaced. I made sure to set that one back to S-On as I...