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    Post H870 EU Model Pie developement(v29a)

    Hello, my G6 H870 is from Costa Rica, Open SCA firmware from factory and I have been using it with Open EU firmware almost since new. LG does not update phones from Latin America more than once or 2 two times per year (This was the first time and last one that I buy an LG phone from Latin...
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    Post H870 EU Model Pie developement(v29a)

    I first followed this guide for the V30, used the LGUP in there and was able to upgrade: Then it was not working for downgrade and used the LGUP found here...
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    Post H870 EU Model Pie developement(v29a)

    I tied the Pie beta for a couple of days in my H870, the only problems after flashing over 20i were: 1. The upgrade got stuck and had to do a hard reset. Pie ROM worked fine after it. Flashed via LGUP on a locked bootloader H870. 2. Sometimes WiFi would not reconnect unless I reboot the phone...
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    Post Thread title: [ROM][10.0][Unofficial] Pixel Experience Plus [H870][H872][US997]

    Hello, In regards to the Bluetooth problems, the G6 uses the same SD821 as the Pixel and Bluetooth seems to be working on the Google Pixel ROMs. Can't we use the Bluetooth code from the Pixel to get Bluetooth working in the G6? I am just asking and I haven't done anything related to compiling...
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    Post How to run startup shell scripts to Fire 8 7th gen?

    Thank you, It worked great. I was going mad trying to make it work. PS: I did mean "/system/etc/init.d"
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    Thread How to run startup shell scripts to Fire 8 7th gen?

    Hello, I have a rooted Fire 8 7th gen and I have been trying to add a couple of shell scripts to be run at boot up. I created the /etc/init.d folder as in a Linux distro but the scripts are not executed. Any ideas?
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    Post KitKat tracking post XT925

    No news in regards to getting complete firmwares?
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    Post KitKat tracking post XT925

    I upgraded to CEE 4.4.2 and working fine. Your phone will continue to boot to fastboot because of a failed flash, it had happened to me before. If factory reset does not works and because there are no KK firmwares yet to download and flash with RSD lite you may try this same method to downgrade...
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    Post RAZR HD XT925 Firmwares SuperThread (Jelly Bean)

    KK 4.4.2 is already out for XT925. Anyway to get the firmware for flashing with RSD Lite?
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    Post [Q] XT925 LTE defective.

    There are two different hardware versions for the XT925, they have different LTE Radios, One have 700/1700 the other 800/1800/2600. Very hard to tell which one is which just by looking at them. What was original firmware in both phone before unlocking the bootloaders? If the phone is from Europe...
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    Post [PORT][JB 4.1.2] Walkman 8.0.A.0.3 with working Music Unlimited | 03/12/13

    It is working in XP, stock 4.1, the only problem I have found is a lag when accessing Albums or Artists.
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    Post AOSP Xperia U/P/Sola/Go

    As far as I know our devices does not have hardware to support Glonass, Sony used the chipset CG2900 for GPS, Bluetooth, FM and this Chipset does not have Glonass support. Samsung on the other hand used the chipset CG2905 in their smartphones, this one does have Glonass support.
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    Post Novathor sources permision

    I am in. I have an Ubuntu 12.04 system already configured and ready to start compiling. I have some experience compiling Linux and have already compiled the Android emulator and AOSP for Galaxy devices. I have tried compiling AOSP for XP but have found some problems using Legacy Xperia device...
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][UB][BUILD-79][OpenDelta][KTU84Q] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies and M-11

    I am having a problem with Camera and Vol +/- keys, instead of zoom in and out when I press them camera is taking photos and not zooming in and out. Not critical as you can still zoom in and out using the screen but will be easier using the VOL keys.