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    Post [ROM] [Unofficial] RevengeOS 4.0 [11.0] [V30]

    Has anyone managed to get tts working? No matter what engine I try and use it crashes
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    Post [ROM] [UN-Official] Havoc-OS-3.11 [10.0] [V30]

    Just installed this, what fingerprint did you use for props?
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    Post Guide on AOSP ROMs, troubleshooting & recommendations

    Any source of these fixes that is somewhere that isn't telegram?
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    Post FIX for Quad DAC reset bug on AOSP

    This worked for me, now I just need to find a way to automatically toggle it when I plug my headphones in :(
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    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    I'm sorry if this has been answered, I did search but couldn't understand the answers really. Is there a way to make viper work on all sessions, 0 and greater? The toggle only allows for one or the other, and I have legacy stuff but I want to get my DDC for everything. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM] [PIE] ResurrectionRemix 7.0 [H930 - H932] [Unofficial]

    I've got this working, and it's absolutely brilliant, one of the most stable RR builds I've ever used. I've got a wee problem though, and wonder if anyone has heard of or seen something similar. I've tried searching but it's too generic a term. So SecureTask doesn't work for disabling...
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    Post How to disable the keyguard with Tasker

    So just run that when the display turns on? Also how on earth do I import that without it overwriting everything else I've ever done? XD
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    Post How to disable the keyguard with Tasker

    This is a very elegant solution. I've been using SecureTask for years, but for some reason now the broadcast for disable keyguard isn't being sent (no idea why). Is it supposed to remove the lockscreen completely, or just disable the keyguard? Currently it will remove the passcode fine, but I...
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    Post [ROM][EOL][KLTE][OREO]Resurrection Remix [6.2.1][UNOFFICIAL][microG][OTA]

    Ok, I'm working my way through the bluetooth issues now. Got my car to work, mostly, my bluetooth media remote doesn't do anything yet. For those interested and haven't found anything elsewhere, you can enable developer settings and change the AVRCP version to something else, see what works...
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    Post Tasker Voice Input WITHOUT AutoVoice/Tasker Now

    I didn't use Autovoice. And since then, utter was reborn as Saiy. I was trying to use Tasker to make a workable utter alternative, but no need now! :)
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    Post [ROM][EOL][KLTE][OREO]Resurrection Remix [6.2.1][UNOFFICIAL][microG][OTA]

    This is a beautiful build, it really is, from the boot screen on. It has everything I want - microg, oms for substratum, wireguard. But as with other Oreo builds, bluetooth is broken :( Although it pairs fine with devices, it doesn't connect properly to my car stereo (audio but no controls...
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    Post [P600][n1awifi][ROM][7.1] Official LineageOS 14.1 - weekly

    Hello. Does anyone have the latest modem files I can flash with Odin? Cheers
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    Post [Substratum THEME] [7.1] AOSP DarkMRL

    I don't suppose you could provide a URL for the APK for those of us who don't use Google?
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.X for Galaxy S5 | Android 7.X Nougat

    haggertk This is the most robust and seamless version of CM/Lineage I have ever had the pleasure of using, going all the way back to CM7. I've been watching this entire thread, and read every single post since it started (sad, I know), and I was ready to have a whole host of problems, but I've...
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.X for Galaxy S5 | Android 7.X Nougat

    You are an angel, thank you. Pulling the battery worked. I forgot that a -real- reboot required pulling the battery :D