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    Thread Poweramp permission granting not working

    Hey, i wanna give poweramp equalizer permission for players, using adb shell and getting the following error: What can I do to fix this?
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    Post Display protection x3 nfc?

    I'm from Europe.
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    Post Display protection x3 nfc?

    I was looking for a new protection. So that's not really a good answer.
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    Thread Display protection x3 nfc?

    Good display protection for x3 nfc? I tested two different ones and both were too small, both in width and height. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Thread Autokill background apps?

    Hello, is it possible to autokill background apps (selectable) after some time (10,30,xx minutes?)? Working on ways to optimize my battery life.
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    Thread Google Stuff, removable?

    Hey, I just wanna try to remove everything useless from Google, beside Google Maps (+ needed services) and Google Playstore (+needed services). So what else from this list of stuff I can remove? #Google com.google.android.projection.gearhead com.google.android.ext.services...
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    Thread How to set GCam as standard?

    Hello, i tried to set GCam as standard, but I failed. I cannot change it to standard even if I disable the stock one. GCam not showing up in Default Apps -> Camera. After disabling the stock cam it just cannot open camera from lockscreen, so it doesn't recognize GCam as "true" App. Any advice...
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    Post [GUIDE] Uninstall Poco x3 NFC Bloatware [List]

    Why would you even use the MI account at all? :o
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    Post [GUIDE] Uninstall Poco x3 NFC Bloatware [List]

    I just used ADB Control for that, so just set debugging and thats it.
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    Post Best current GCam version?

    So its not fixable? Turned it off and still happening.
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    Post Best current GCam version?

    Having the problem, that the most recent photo isn't showing up, but the one before if you click on the taken photo in the fight corner. Anyone else?
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    Post Question regarding bloatware apps

    Okay. With disabled com.xiaomi.misettings you cannot change the refresh rate anymore. I turned it on again.
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    Post Best current GCam version?

    Okay, camera is decent. thanks a bunch.
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    Post Question regarding bloatware apps

    #Update1 # Total applications: 89 com.miui.analytics com.google.android.marvin.talkback com.google.android.projection.gearhead com.mi.android.globalminusscreen com.miui.backup com.miui.powerkeeper com.android.bookmarkprovider com.miui.calculator com.google.android.calendar com.milink.service...