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    Thread Android 10 update rolling out now

    Hi everyone, So you may have seen that Nokia dude release a tweet today saying Android 10 is rolling out for the Nokia 6.2. Apparently in batches and only in certain countries. I'm in Australia and it's not released here. Check your phones.
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    Thread KST clear case

    Hi XDA friends, I have purchased a few cases and am currently reviewing them. The first one is from eBay and is KST branded. Clear case. Not the best butter better than the one in the box. I don't want to upset anyone by posting a link but if you search "Nokia 6.2 kst case" on youtube it...
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    Post Android Developer Preview Discussion Thread

    No need to start name calling mate, I haven't disrespected you and don't intend to. Peace.
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    Post Android Developer Preview Discussion Thread

    This is preview beta. Very unstable and more for developers. When Q OTA comes your hardware won't change. That's permanent. ?
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    Post Issues making phonecalls. Poor VoLTE software?

    I haven't had any issues yet..
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    Post Outdoor visibility (max brightness)

    With polarised sunnies on I can barely see the screen. Which kinda sucks outside.
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    Thread Android Pie Update Australia

    Hi All, Android Pie is available from Sam Mobile site for unlocked australian version. I am downloading now but it will take 10 hours (exaggeration) and will advise on progress once comeplete but it should all be fine. Cheers
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    Post Call quality

    I have to add the noise cancelling on this thing is incredible. I was at a playground full of screaming kids and my mate called. He couldn't hear the kids. I didn't believe him at first but he could only hear me.
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    Post Screen on time

    Crap I'm getting 4 hours at a stretch.
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    Post Moto X4 Dbrand Skin Support

    Done :good:
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    Post Cellular strength and throughput

    Yes mine system takes about 18g as well.
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    Post Nokia case

    Wrong thread.
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    Post Nokia case

    I bought this from eBay. _51Q64nEcj4 spigen case.
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    Post OnePlus 5: Unlock Bootloader | Flash TWRP | Root | Nandroid & EFS Backup & More !!

    This happened to me but was fixed with a reboot of my PC and Phone.
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    Post Nokia case

    You won't regret that. Just make sure you get the plus model.