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  • hi,
    i have a problem on Original Shipping - Tutorial :s On step 9 i have a "error: cannot load userdata.img". Can you help me?
    hey Lwin
    sorry dont have your card where I'm at.
    hey, could use advice.
    Was using myrootedDroid tool and trying to get the launcher which first asked to install an 0brecovery thing.... but
    anyway, phone is stuck on lockscreen.
    I can pull battery but then its stuck on bootup screen.
    I can go into fastboot mode...but when I click recovery it just goes to the lockscreen (with unlock icon) and stays there.
    Could you advise....thanks
    please use [email protected], also feel free to call 3128040133
    thanks Lwin
    Thanks. Found fastboot-mac. So in command promt instead of 'fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-nexus-v1.5.3.img' it would be 'fastboot-mac flash recovery recovery-RA-nexus-v1.5.3.img' yes?
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