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    Hi serfer

    i know the last discussion on the ezinput and words being lost after reset was a while back but i was just wondering whether you had found a fix for the ROMs that have the et9 files cooked in.

    I know you have mentioned cooking in a new IME, but i am a complete novice to these things so apologies if i ask a daft question

    but can an IME be installed into the rom currently on my phone...if do i go about installing it in my current rom.......or do i have to install a new rom

    many thanks

    Hi Serfer222,

    You have posted a great rom for Iolite, thanks to your effort.

    I need a favor from you, i saw you have pulled out "GPS_PaPaGO_SEA_0_0_X30209_0" from the rom that you posted, do you mind to share with me just the package for GPS_PaPaGO_SEA_0_0_X30209_0?
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