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  • i followed your advice and still can't have my missing wifi on my comm manager. could u possibly make a cab of wifi firmware? bcos in my asset manager, in wifi part, it says N/A for the wlan firmware... thanks... im about to get desperate on this... thanks again sergiorus
    Dear Sergiorus, i have a missing wifi problem. i can't find it on my wireless manager. i've tried to reflash with many different roms, but problem stil exist. help? thanks...

    You posted this out:
    WM 6.1 21054 v0.9a Manila Edition

    Will this work on HP IPAQ Glisten? I have this locked with ATnT and I wanted to unlock it.

    Flash instruction:
    - Put Flash.dio and XDA_UC folder on SD card (SD should be <=2G)
    - Hold mute + record together and finally press power and release all 3 together
    - SDloader appear and will clean boot when done
    - During clean boot, you will need to wait for 2 beeps sound before you see the welcome screen,the phone will be unresponsive at that point

    As always flash as your own risk if your phone is unstable before due to hardware problem, please contact HP to exchange first

    I just love your on 614c.
    i bought this phone and I am in need of some help can you please tell me:
    What is the procedure to install your rom on 614c ( WM 6.1)
    wich versions of bootloader etc do I need
    I am willing to do some video tutorials on how to do it if this would help you later on in providing support
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