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Recent content by sevenup30

  1. sevenup30

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 STABLE [RN8/8T][UNIFIED][NIGHTLY]

    Hello, i only have one issue with this great rom, 4G always disconnect and reconnect, so my MMS are not working , youtube always complain of being disconnected. I'm on last OTA, with last firmware, I tried installed quicksilver kernel and I still have issue. Do you have any idea? Thanks
  2. sevenup30

    Post [ROM][10.0] crDroidAndroid v6.5 for Redmi Note 8/8T [Unified][Official]

    Hello, I can't allow unknow applications to install apk, when i'm on the page to allow , for exemple, chrome to installé apk i can't tick the button .
  3. sevenup30

    Post HONOR 9 Lite EMUI 9.0 Beta Recruitment

    Yep, the beta is open for lld-l31 143 , and with this update I'm on 144, so the beta just disappear from the application
  4. sevenup30

    Post HONOR 9 Lite EMUI 9.0 Beta Recruitment

    Damned, i got new security update, and then i'm not eligible anymore for the beta -_- really...
  5. sevenup30

    Post HONOR 9 Lite EMUI 9.0 Beta Recruitment

    Beta is open for lld-l31 french
  6. sevenup30

    Post [Q&A] Issues with Substratum? Post here!

    Hello, I'm trying to use substratum on - HONOR 9 LITE LLD-L31 - Oreo 8.0.0 - EMUI 8.0.0 I'm non root with andromeda add'On Most of theme compile and activate well, but nothing change. I know EMUI is not supported, but I'd like to help if you need information, I attach a logcat of...
  7. sevenup30

    Thread [Q] How to manually install su binary

    Hello there, I have a motorola G4 PLUS with locked bootloader on Android 7.0. I used dirty cow exploit to gain root access on my device, I can access it from adb only for now. My question is, how do i manually install the su binary from there to allow my application as super SU to use it? Thanks.
  8. sevenup30

    Post ♦ [HLTE/TMO/SPR][ROM][CM13][6.0.1_r30] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build v9.3 ♦

    I added a counter to your script , and after 5mn it never goes rogue , maybe it comes less often and the sleep 10 is a bit short ?
  9. sevenup30

    Thread Water damage, lost gps & wifi

    Hey guys, My cousin drop a bottle of water on his 1+1. the phone works well, except for the GPS it never get fixed, and wifi works only if i'm less than 1meter of the router. I reset phone, update it, tear it down, I saw the water damage indicator to red, but the motherboard seems fine, i...
  10. sevenup30

    Post [ROM][AOSP] BlissPop 3.7 Unofficial #solid edition# [2015-July-20]

    This ROM looks great , smooth ans customizable. But only 13hours batterie life with 3h screen on is pretty poor compare to tw lollipop. Do you guys have any tips to increase batterie life ? I already apply the Google services fix Thanks
  11. sevenup30

    Post [ROM][N900X][ODEX&DEODEX][14/Feb][Tweaked Stock Note3 L TW][Performance & Battery]

    It does work you Just have to set the ip to manual not dhcp
  12. sevenup30

    Post [ROM][ODEX/DEODEX][N900X][10/Dec][Tweaked S5 BASE/N4 STYLE][Performance & Battery]

    Hello , i have an issue, In sms apps and popup incoming calls. When i receive a sms or call the number is displayed like this +336xxxxxxxx (+33means france ) even if i have the number in my contact but registered like this "06xxxxxxx" it do not make the link between the +336 and 06 I hope im...
  13. sevenup30

    Post Rebirth rom v.1.8 [tw kitkat 4.4.4] note 4 porting

    I've been there before , only way out is to download stock firmware and flash to stock with Odin. Or you can try to enter recovery and restore a backup if you have and efs too.
  14. sevenup30

    Post Rebirth rom v.1.8 [tw kitkat 4.4.4] note 4 porting

    Write us what s dowload mode tell you (all the stuff upper left)