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    Post [ROM][US998] WETA 1.5 [10c][1st.Mar]

    No clue mate all I can say is back up your current system and try if you want
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    Post [ROM][US998] WETA 1.5 [10c][1st.Mar]

    Not gonna spoil to much but Mentalmuso has succefully gotten a custom built stock kernel to boot on my phone and a new aroma ron but it isnt close to finished yet
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    Post [ROM][US998] WETA 1.5 [10c][1st.Mar]

    Mentalmuso and are working together to bring oreo to the v30
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    Post [US998][STOCK][OREO]LG V30 US998 US99820h_00_0318.KDZ

    yeah stock nougat to stock oreo, i was actually using weta rom but still based on stock so...
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    Post [US998][STOCK][OREO]LG V30 US998 US99820h_00_0318.KDZ

    i didn't relock the bootloader and haven't had any issues
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    Post [H930][STOCK][OREO]LG V30 European open market H93022j_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0403.kdz

    will this work on v30 us998 if i extract the boot and system and flash those
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    Post [ROM][H930(G)/US998][Oreo][8.0.0] Stock debloated Oreo for H930 [v1.01]

    Yeah rigjt now the us998 mainly needs a good custom kernel with stuff like exfat, kcal and overclocking and for its official kdz to get dumped
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    Post LG US99820A Oreo KDZ?

    Yeah been wondering why the leak from janurary or anybody with 20a havent dumped it yet for the masses
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    Post [KERNEL] [Stock] [H930] Minimal Stock Kernel V2 Beta

    I asked for a reason because there are roms that work on both. And there is h930 stock deblpated firmware that works on the us998. It makes sense i would ask because of that. It could have possibly been overlooked
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    Post [US998][STOCK][NOUGAT]LG V30 US998 US99810d_01_0411.KDZ

    My mqa is broke on weta. Just tried to stream a tidal masters and there is no audio. Pronably going back to stock. ---------- Post added at 04:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:25 PM ---------- Using the wetamod app to turn off dolby digital plus made mqa audio work again. So...
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    Post [US998][STOCK][NOUGAT]LG V30 US998 US99810d_01_0411.KDZ

    I hope someone can convert this to a flashable zip soon
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    Post [ROM][US998] WETA 1.5 [10c][1st.Mar]

    Here is the xda thread
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    Post [ROM][US998] WETA 1.5 [10c][1st.Mar]

    Nvm who cares what verizon has to do with it. 10d nougat secruity update is for us998 unlocked variant. Us cellular veriant of us998 got oreo. Verizon has nothing to do with either. And since you cant flash firmware on the verizon variant anyway they have nothing ti do with this thread.
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    Post US998 TULSA starting to receive update

    Well where is us998 unlocked variant oreo