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  • hey i just wanted to say thanks for the builds and ask a coouple of questions. what must be changed in order for the screen to be able to wake up when in sleep mode? it never wakes up when in sleep mode(almost never). also which is the best working build(waking up,wifi,gps,receiving phone calls,messages and other)for topaz?
    HI . Can I know when will be the next post for "android on topaz" coz I am very eager to know about it. I check of for about 2 times a day for it. In morning and at night. It's not posted since 15/1/2010. so I hope it would be posted soon and if would be complete and be able to run on main rom. Keep your work up!
    good luck pro. nice job
    what do u mean with Manila only? cuz i dont really undarstand anything of this, i just wnat ur skin/theme/thingy
    i cannot receive calls. how do i receive them do i need a Google voice account? and it randomly will restart my pure i believe i am using the most up to date version

    any help wold be appreciated

    thank you
    Hello, may I ask a question? I'm using Topaz. When I run the Google Android For Topaz at the first time, it's OK. But, when I restart my phone, and restart the Android, it seems some problems happened. It shows "Failed to find system.img on SD card, can't access tty; job control turned off". What's happening? I haven't deleted any files of the Android.
    Hello my name is Biagio First of all I write I write from Italy to make you the compliments of your works are strong like me are very interested in the Roma Build 28014th Dual Release
    and can have it in Italian or marked as trasformer.
    i must be really crossed eyed ;) but i cant find the download link fore your shadowline 6.5.3 rom fore the topaz can you sent me a link?

    thnxs in advance
    greetz nem
    Hi My Friend Plz Link Download to Rapidshare or Other Site Upload my ip Countery is Blocke Can not Download in MegaUpload
    Tnx For Create Rom Htc Touch Pro 2
    Good Luck.
    hi i just join this website im having problems with posting my question can you help me but i just brought a g-1 and i cant afford the data plan is there a way i can get around dat meaning can i get the data plan and use my phone without paying or messing up my phone pleasw help me
    if i may ask what do u think about the windows 7? i have a toshiba satelite m45 with windows xp and i almost downloaded the 7 beta! i have a 1.73ghz pentium 4, 1.5gig of ram, do u think my comp will run it ok?
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