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  1. shahzaib.khan

    Post Nougat [32.4.A.0.160] [.33] Stereo Soundmod [Volume/Headphones Boost] - Xperia Z5P

    arjun.arora bro it is just a request it will be so helpful for every body if you look into the link below and just adjust it for our Z5 premium as right now it is not working with our phones only http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/mod-beatsaudio-e-xloud-installer-t3029951
  2. shahzaib.khan

    Post 6.0.1 in testing

    I dont think so. Z5p is the worst xperia i ever used. Really disappointed from sony going to switch soon Sent from my E6833 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  3. shahzaib.khan

    Post [KERNEL] [E6853-E6883-E6653-E6683] [19/06] Aur-Kernel-V4.0 [MM-Fw.224]

    No new kernel for e6833? Sent from my E6883 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  4. shahzaib.khan

    Post [ROM/KERNEL] RomAur-v4.2.1-[21/06]-[UB][6.0.1_Fw.224]-[XPZ5x]-[E6xxx]-FAST-STABLE

    Yes i am using mobile data always. But i did not flash any baseband or kernel because my phone model is e6833 and im using rom of E6883 so i am not ready to play with the hardware by installing kernel and baseband of the latest marshmallow. I just installed the e6883 rom with old marshmallow...
  5. shahzaib.khan

    Post [ROM/KERNEL] RomAur-v4.2.1-[21/06]-[UB][6.0.1_Fw.224]-[XPZ5x]-[E6xxx]-FAST-STABLE

    I am using version 3 rom since more than 24 hours. Face stuck problem around 3,4 times till now Just informing Thank you so much for the wonderfull effort. Sent from my E6883 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  6. shahzaib.khan

    Post [ROM/KERNEL] RomAur-v4.2.1-[21/06]-[UB][6.0.1_Fw.224]-[XPZ5x]-[E6xxx]-FAST-STABLE

    can any one advise me where i can find the 32.1.A.1.185 rootable kernel for my e6833?? because the link mentioned in op does not include e6833 model
  7. shahzaib.khan

    Post [ROM/KERNEL] RomAur-v4.2.1-[21/06]-[UB][6.0.1_Fw.224]-[XPZ5x]-[E6xxx]-FAST-STABLE

    Hello guys.i will really appreciate if anybody let me know how to flash this rom in xperia z5 premium dual E6833 model as i cannot understand in the op. I unlocked my bootloader and already rooted but i want to know first is this rom support my model or not Sent from my E6833 using...
  8. shahzaib.khan

    Post Nougat [32.4.A.0.160] [.33] Stereo Soundmod [Volume/Headphones Boost] - Xperia Z5P

    i have marshmallow in my device and i installed marshmallow mod but i cannot put the volume more than 70 or 80% in aux . what shall i do ?
  9. shahzaib.khan

    Post Finger print hardware issue

    Thank you. I will check. But i did bot install any rom i just unlocked my botloader and root my phone and did the factory reset. Sent from my E6833 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  10. shahzaib.khan

    Thread Finger print hardware issue

    Guys I rooted my phone after unlocking my bootloader but i did not install any other rom. I am using stock rom and i already factory reset after finishing rooting process. I install viper mod only Problem is some times i am facing issue with finger print, it is giving me message that...
  11. shahzaib.khan

    Post Z5P problems.

    Can any body please help me Nd let me know how i can search messages in massaging app? using search option it only searching inside message content but i want to search by contact
  12. shahzaib.khan

    Post Xperia X - Icon pack working without Root

    Try to reinstall icon pack. Same your file and check in icon pack from xperia launcher setting
  13. shahzaib.khan

    Post Xperia X - Icon pack working without Root

    No need to install go launcher. You can find icon pack in home setting of Xperia marshmallow Thanks alot
  14. shahzaib.khan

    Post Z5 Premium VS Z5

    Guys can any body tell me how i can search messges? In message app if i write any name in the search i could find any one.
  15. shahzaib.khan

    Post [Q] About 4K videos in MX Player

    Just use tubemate app (search on google) You will find the option to download videos in 4k mp4 because z5p supports mp4 format easily and after you will download you can see there will be a 4k lable in album apps (i mean on the latest file you downloaded) Sent from my E6833 using XDA Free...