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    Post Rooting a new Android set top box: LGE SH960S-AT (Airtel Internet Tv Set top box)

    Hi, can you please attach the launcher apk used here? <3 And describe the method involved, if any? :) Many thanks. :)
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    Post Three word story

    stuck in bootloop
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    Post Netflix L1 support by Pixel 4XL props

    Far as can be from a MIUI lover here, but didn't you ever try this in MIUI to get L1 support? Set up a fingerprint lock -> Go to 'Manage Fingerprints' -> 'Fingerprint Payments' -> L1 -> Click on 'Certificate' and voila!! Your phone now supports widewine L1 by default !!! . To confirm, simply...
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    Post [Firmware] Redmi Note 3 Pro [Kenzo/Kate] [v. 8.7.3]

    Bro, I guess you're not getting me. 1. I perfectly remember my BL was unlocked, that's also because I had flashed a new recovery yesterday only, via fastboot. 2. Also, you're saying that I require to unlock usig miUnlock Tool. I do believe, however, that that tool requires that the phone is on...
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    Post [Firmware] Redmi Note 3 Pro [Kenzo/Kate] [v. 8.7.3]

    Yup buddy, I have done all that and more, I had waited 30 days by the way. My bootloader was unlocked officially onlly in early 2017, since then on NOS only. Earlier FW updates had worked flawlessly for me. Now, how to proceed?
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    Post [Firmware] Redmi Note 3 Pro [Kenzo/Kate] [v. 8.7.3]

    Hi, I have officially unlocked Kenzo and am on NOS 7.1.1 20170317 build. 1. Flashed FW from your link. 2. Wiped Cache and Dalvik 3. Rebooted. 4. Phone booting in EDL mode and only fastboot is accesible by pressing button combo. 5. Dont want to EDL flash and lose all data. 6. Help plzzzz.
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    Post [ROM] &#9658; [8.1.0] &#9658; [OTA] &#9658; Nitrogen OS Beta

    Was wanting to revamp the look of my phone now, have been on the 31st March 2017 build of the ROM (NOS 7.1.1 fully stable) for way too long now. (21 months). A little too late to be reviving this thread, most probably, but I just wanted to know if any veteran kenzo (RN3 Pro) users still use the...
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    Post [V20] TwrpBuilder | Provides opportunity to have TWRP for your device

    Yes, like I mentioned, the phone is not in a state wherein I can install an app. Some bug with the ROM I ported, still have to look into it.
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    Post [V20] TwrpBuilder | Provides opportunity to have TWRP for your device

    tWRP for LAVA IRIS 501 Hi, the device is LAVA IRIS 501, with mt6577 chipset Soc, and I have already successfully ported a tWRP image to it, after increasing recovery partition size to 64mb from 6mb, so would request you to port the latest possible version of twrp to this, so I might be...
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    Post [MODULE] Clear Google PlayStore With Services Data (Advanced PS-GMS Data Cleaner)

    +1000000000. Please add it for sure
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    Post [Unified][RIVA][ROLEX][ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0] Sudamod 4.1

    Hi buddy, awesome work there. Im finally planning to unlock my 5A. Would begin with this wonderful ROM of yours, just wanted some ss first. ?
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    Post [Magisk v14.0] Universal SafetyNet Fix | Universal Hide [v2 Beta 5]

    Hi, sorry to reply to this age old post, but is it working good now on RN3 Pro? Im on Nitrogen OS 7.1.1. build 31.03.17.
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    Post [APP] Master TV Remote Control

    MSC cleaner Hi, I have a file from my Smart TV which is a configuration file for its remote, and I was looking to convert it to an lirc format. How can this be achieved? P.S. Kindly look at the two files inside the attachedzip file for further reference. One is the remote configuration file...
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    Post [PORT RECOVERY][AML DEVICES] Amlogic Flash Tool and recovery porter [V2.2]

    Even I finished manual porting of recovery just 5 minutes ago! :) Everything works flawlessly and I even added a few things like support for usb hub and upto 4 pen drives. Also, I am hoping to port RedWolf recovery within next 30 hours, with help of a friend. Thank You for all your guidance sir...